2020 Tokyo Olympics: Where to Buy the US Opening Ceremony Outfits

by Megan Molseed

You don’t usually expect a red-carpetlike response to something related to the Olympics. However, Ralph Lauren’s unique design he created for Team USA during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony has us all talking as if we are watching the stars hit the famous red carpet prior to a long-awaited premiere.

Ralph Lauren was yet again approached the design the outfits the United States athletes would wear during this year’s opening ceremonies. So far, the iconic fashion designer has been designing the USA’s opening ceremony outfits since 2008.

Where to Snag Lauren’s Olympics Look

Now, the big question on all our minds…where can we snag our own Olympics Opening Ceremony look?

Right now, the Ralph Lauren design is available online. The entire Olympics look can be ordered through the Ralph Lauren website. It is also available through department stores such as Bloomingdales. Of course, this option is for those wanting the authentic look designed by Ralph Lauren himself. It’s an easy, one-stop-shop to order the Olympics original. However, it comes with a pretty steep price tag. The blazer alone costs $695 online. The shirts are running just under $100 apiece.

This year’s look was clearly one that brought out some interesting reactions. Some felt the United States Opening Ceremony outfit was boring and altogether too preppy. Some compared the Olympics design to an outfit someone would wear to a yacht club.

Others, however, appreciated the unique “all American” look the designer was going for in the design he created for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Those who appreciated the design praised it for its clean and put-together look.

A Responsible Sense of Style

The look is one that the iconic designer describes as “classic all-American.” The unique design by the iconic fashion designer features a navy blue blazer and matching accessories. Of course, the blazer includes the Ralph Lauren logo on the front.

The blue jacket blazer also includes the United States Crest. Underneath the unique Ralph Lauren blazer, athletes donned a navy blue striped shirt. Paired with the outfit was a pair of slim-fit denim blue jeans for each of the Olympics competitors.

Additionally, an ascot decorated in stars and stripes tops off the blazered look. Completing the Olympics ceremony look by a pair of red white, and blue striped sneakers, and a red, white, and blue striped belt. One of this year’s outfits’ major selling points was the sustainability and practicality that went into the designs.

The navy blazer is made from wool that was exclusively grown in the United States. The striped shirt is “powered by” ECOFAST™ Pure. this is a special pretreatment solution that, according to the company, allows cotton to be dyed with fewer chemicals, energy, and water.