49ers Pro Bowler References Classic NFL Commercial After COVID-19 Limits Team to One Available QB

by Suzanne Halliburton

San Francisco 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczky’s got jokes, doesn’t he? But it’s better for the football soul to use some brevity when facing a quarterback crisis.

The San Francisco all-star fullback threw out a Twitter gif Tuesday after learning that the 49ers are limited to only one quarterback this Saturday. That’s one QB, no backups.

He posted the gif on Twitter Tuesday afternoon. You’ll probably recognize the kid from the Cam Newton commercial. Serious question – is he old enough to play now?

Juszczyk is a Pro Bowl fullback for the 49ers. Fullbacks and offensive linemen, who are just overgrown fullbacks, tend to be the deepest, most reflective guys on any team. Plus, Juszczyk is a Harvard grad. He cuts through the deeper issues and makes them easy to understand.

But there’s nothing deep about what’s happening in San Francisco. Excuse the play on words, but the situation is about the shallowness of the quarterback depth chart.

49ers Forced To Go With 3rd String Guy – He’s Only One Left

San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan announced Tuesday that C.J. Beathard would be the starting quarterback this Saturday against Arizona. Beathard, the former Iowa star, was a third-round draft pick in 2017. He’s also the third-string quarterback. And he’s also the only healthy body available in the quarterback room.

Jimmy Garrapolo still is recovering from a high ankle sprain. Nick Mullens, who had started in Garoppolo’s place, injured his elbow last Sunday in a loss against the Dallas Cowboys. Shanahan said Mullens needs surgery.

And to make matters worse, Josh Johnson, the quarterback on the practice squad, isn’t available because of Covid-19. On Tuesday, the 49ers placed Johnson and receiver Kevin White on the Covid-reserve list.

“The only way we can get a backup in for the game is that we take someone off of someone else’s practice squad,” Shanahan said at his Tuesday press conference. “So we’re in the process of trying to do that now. Hopefully, we’ll get a backup for the game.”

The NFL changed its procedures to allow for these sudden roster moves. A newly-signed player can join a team immediately, so long as he travels privately to his new city and does not miss any Covid-19 tests.

Although, the quarterback news isn’t all bad. Team doctors cleared Garoppolo, the starter, for some light practice. Technically, the 49ers opened the 21-day practice window for Garoppolo.

“Right now, he’s safe to go out to practice, which we’re only having a walk-through today, but it will be fun for him to throw the ball around a little bit,” Shanahan said. “But we’re going to be very safe with him this week. We’ll see next week, but I’d be very surprised if that changes.”

The Denver Broncos are very familiar with what’s happening in San Fran. Denver had to use a wide receiver as its emergency quarter last month. That’s because they had no quarterbacks healthy enough to play.

That being said, news coming out of the 49ers camp is saying that Juszczyk might be saving his quarterbacking skills for another day.