Alabama vs. Notre Dame Opens as Biggest Spread in College Football Playoff History

by Matthew Wilson

Always bet on red or, in this case, crimson. No. 1 ranked Alabama will take on No. 4 Notre Dame in the college football National Championship Playoffs. And the spread is the largest in playoff history.

According to SuperBookSports, Alabama is the favorite to win the matchup on Dec. And the projections aren’t looking pretty for the Fighting Irish. The Crimson Tide are favored to win the game by 20.5 points, the largest spread in college football playoff history.

Notre Dame Face Clemson in a Rematch

If the projections come true, Notre Dame is due a second embarrassment in as many weeks. Coming into Saturday’s (Dec. 19) ACC Championship, the football team had their heads held high. Notre Dame had an undefeated regular season and previously bested their championship opponents Clemson during the regular season.

During that game, Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence was out due to COVID-19. But the junior quarterback was back for the championship game, and Clemson was out for revenge. Many football fans hoped the game to be a heated matchup, the kind you look back fondly on years later. Instead, the game turned into a massacre.

Clemson beat Notre Dame 34-10, and the Fighting Irish managed to make the playoffs thanks to a still-impressive regular season.

Alabama Showed Chinks in Its Armor

For most of this season, Alabama has been an unstoppable train with one destination – the national championship. Both quarterback Mac Jones and wide receiver DeVonta Smith have posted recorded seasons offensively. What other team has two players competing for the Heisman Trophy?

If Notre Dame stands a fighting chance, they’ll have to exploit Alabama’s weakness on defense. In Saturday’s SEC Championship, the Florida Gators gave the Crimson Tide a run for their money, running up 46 points. Alabama managed to hold the Gators off in the end, winning by just six points 52 to 46.

Many football fans bemoan another Alabama-Clemson matchup. The two teams have played each other four times in the playoffs in the modern era. But another bout between the two is looking increasingly likely. Clemson will take on Ohio State on New Year’s Day as well.

Alabama last played Notre Dame in 2013 in a BCS championship. During that matchup, Alabama won 42 to 14. It remains to be seen if history will repeat itself.