Alex Smith Calls Out NFL Franchises After Eric Bieniemy Remains Unhired: ‘Ridiculous’

by Will Shepard

Washington Football Team’s quarterback Alex Smith is perplexed as to why Eric Bieniemy is still waiting on a job. Bieniemy has been the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator since 2018.

But, Bieniemy has yet to get a job for this upcoming season. Alex Smith, for one, is frustrated by the fact that he doesn’t have a new job. At this point, there is seemingly one remaining open head coaching job left in the NFL. That job is for the Houston Texans.

Alex Smith and Bieniemy worked together for five seasons in Kansas City before Smith was traded to Washington. The two certainly had a great relationship. Since then, though, Bieniemy has had a lot of success with the Chiefs.

He has helped to orchestrate one of the highest-flying offenses in the NFL. Moreover, he helped bring the Super Bowl to Kansas City with his play-calling ability.

However, Alex Smith has watched Bieniemy be passed upon by eleven teams over this past year. All of these teams have decided that there are better options out there over the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator. This has made Alex Smith incredibly disappointed.

“Yeah, I think it’s ridiculous that he hasn’t been hired yet. I know the interview process is weird with a team still in [the playoffs]. But regardless, I don’t see how you can excuse it.”

Alex Smith Is Disappointed No Team Has Hired Bieniemy

One main reason that teams are having a hard time hinging Bieniemy is that he doesn’t actually do the play calling. Andy Reid does the play calling for the Chiefs.

But, there is a lot more to being a head coach than calling the plays on offense. In fact, over the recent years, there have been plenty of head coaches who don’t call the offensive plays. There is a specific reason for offensive and defensive coaches.

Alex Smith believes that Bieniemy is one of the best leaders in the NFL. Being a great leader is arguably the most important trait for a coach.

“I think Eric’s No. 1 quality — and it was apparent from the first day I met him — was his leadership. Leadership ability, a true leader of men. He was a guy that had played for a long time. He was a great teacher, commanded respect because he gave respect also.”

Notably, Andy Reid’s coaching tree has done well over the years. Alex Smith points out that Ron Rivera, Doug Pederson, and Matt Nagy are all now head coaches. And most importantly, all three of those coaches have taken their teams to the playoffs.

“To have been in that system, to have been kind of groomed and brought up with all those guys — certainly with Andy [Reid] but certainly to see Doug [Pederson] and Nags [Matt Nagy] — I don’t see how you could be more ready.”

It’s certainly evident that Alex Smith believes that Bieniemy deserves a head coaching job. He will undoubtedly be looking at the Texans to see if they hire his former coach.