Allegiant Stadium Now Shows Raiders Highlights on Its Side and the Jokes are Flying

by Quentin Blount

The home stadium of the Las Vegas Raiders — Alegiant Stadium — unveiled an insanely huge video screen on the exterior of the stadium for highway drivers. With that being said, people on social media have been critical of the idea, and they definitely haven’t held back as far as the jokes are concerned.

Now, if you follow the NFL closely, then you probably know that Las Vegas has been a team to watch this season. Players such as quarterback Derek Carr and defensive end Maxx Crosby are two guys on each side of the ball that have helped lead the Raiders to a 3-1 record in the tough AFC West division.

And despite anyone with a smartphone being able to look up highlights whenever they so please, decision-makers at Allegiant Stadium thought it would be a good idea to add a 27,600-square foot screen on the outside of the stadium walls. As a result, Nevadans won’t have to go out of their way to catch highlights from the game. They can just take a cruise down Interstate 15 and get all caught up.

The official Twitter account for Sports Illustrated posted footage of the new video screen to social media on Friday afternoon. It goes without saying here that NFL fans have been cracking jokes online ever since they saw it.

“Raiders fans can now watch their team on the side of Allegiant Stadium from the highway,” Sports Illustrated captioned the clip.

Twitter Users Sound Off on Allegiant Stadium Video Board

As you can probably imagine, not everyone on social media thought this was a good idea. One of the top comments in response to Sports Illustrated’s video was that of a short clip of a multi-car pileup. That same thought had other people online concerned as well.

“Isn’t that a safety hazard?” one fan asked. “If you’re not allowed to text and drive you shouldn’t be able to watch TV and drive.”

“My thoughts exactly,” another person wrote back. “Is that really a great idea? Love the thought of doing something for fans, but maybe they could re-think it to where a person would have to exit, park, and watch it.”

But not everyone thinks that Allegiant Stadium is in the wrong here. One fan replied saying, “It’s not in their car. It’s the driver’s responsibility to watch the road.”

Of course, that may be true. It is ultimately Is the driver’s responsibility to not get distracted while driving. But it still doesn’t seem to be in the best interest of public safety to put a huge video board right on the highway.

That led to another Twitter user joking that injury attorneys in Las Vegas were probably licking their lips after seeing this.

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