Antonio Brown’s Brother Speaks Out After Shirtless Mid-Game Exit

by Leanne Stahulak

Desmond Brown, brother of former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown, spoke out today about yesterday’s mid-game exit.

On Sunday, the Bucs faced the New York Jets in what would turn into a dramatic game. By the third quarter, the Jets led 24-10, causing a frustrated Antonio Brown to shed his shoulder pads, jersey, gloves, and undershirt. He walked across the field and out through the locker room shirtless, in the middle of play.

Many NFL players and fans didn’t know quite what to make of Brown’s sudden exit. But Tamp Bay coach Bruce Arians quickly told reporters post-game that he was “no longer a Buc.” This move likely signals the end of Antonio Brown’s NFL career.

But earlier today, his younger brother, Desmond, spoke to the Daily Caller about what Antonio’s exit could’ve meant. In Desmond’s mind, Anotnio quit early on in the game “because he wanted to get those incentives and realized it wasn’t going to happen.”

The incentives in question, reports Spotrac, totaled an extra $1 million in bonuses for Antonio Brown. For $333,000 each, Antonio could try to get 11 receptions, 281 yards, or three or more touchdowns in the last two regular-season games. By the time he exited the Jets vs. Bucs game, all he needed was eight more catches, 55 more yards, and one more touchdown.

In Desmond’s mind, “maybe something happened in the locker room” at halftime or even before the game to make Antonio think the incentives were unreachable. But the younger brother also said his brother made “a real selfish move to leave [in the] middle of the game like that though.”

“There’s no honor in quitting,” Desmond Brown told the Daily Caller.

Antonio Brown’s Brother Explains NFL Star’s Post-Game Reaction

Several NFL fans didn’t quite know what to make of Antonio Brown’s post-game reactions on social media. The first photo he posted was a picture of him in the clothes he wore before the game. The caption just reads, “Super Gremlin,” which at first seemed a bit vague.

But Desmond Brown told the Daily Caller what the real meaning behind the mysterious caption could be.

Apparently, “Super Gremlin” is the name is the new song by Kodak Black. Per Desmond, he’s “a rapper that’s from Florida near from where we’re from. It’s a song about being betrayed by people that were close to you.”

So, Desmond wonders if Antonio felt betrayed by Tamp Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians. But he doesn’t “want to point any fingers because [he] could be wrong.”

Though Desmond at first stated that Antonio Brown’s move was “selfish,” the younger brother also “thought AB wasn’t gonna play today because [he] thought he had hurt his ankle. So maybe that has something to do with it.”

All in all, with the media coverage surrounding his brother, to Desmond it “seems like he feels he was treated unfairly … and now he’s getting some type of self-reflection or self-awakening. He probably realizes now that it might be over for playing in the NFL because that’s what he does and not who he is.”