Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson Dubs Cam Newton the ‘OG Superman’

by Quentin Blount

Speaking with reporters on Wednesday, Baltimore Ravens star quarterback Lamar Jackson dubbed Cam Newton as the “OG Superman.”

A reporter with ESPN said that according to reports New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton had reached out to Jackson recently. The reporter asked Jackson if Newton had given him any advice and asked the Ravens quarterback to elaborate on their conversation.

Jackson did reply, saying that Newton had reached out to him on social media but didn’t say too much.

Game recognize game,” Jackson said. “He’s the OG. Superman.”

Jackson dubbing Newton as the original superman is high praise coming from the reigning NFL MVP, who many have compared to superman as well.

Baltimore’s offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg that his quarterback is like superman in a press conference dating back to last year.

“Some people think they’re superman, and he’s kind of one of those,” Mornhinweg says. “

He discussed Jackson’s athleticism and his ability to create big plays while also avoiding big hits. Mornhinweg says they tell their quarterback to protect himself when he is running the ball.

“Between the numbers, get as much as you can and get down unless of course, you think you can score. That’s the general rule,” he says. “And then outside the numbers, get up and get out, again, unless you think you can score. He’s learning. He’ll do a better job as we go of taking care of his body.”

Lamar Jackson, New Superman. Cam Newton, ‘OG Superman’

Newton has been compared to the famous super hero since entering the league.

It all starts with his physique. Standing at 6’5 and 245 pounds, he towers over most of the defensive players trying to tackle him. Similarly, defenders bounce off Newton’s muscular frame like henchmen do to Superman’s.

“It’s coming off the notion of everybody sees the superhero in how I play,” Newton said of his nickname back in 2016. “I’ve gotten the nickname Superman, SuperCam ever since I can remember.”

The former Carolina Panthers and Auburn Tigers star is also extremely well known for doing his iconic superman celebration whenever he makes his way into the end zone.

Supercam torched the NFL and led Carolina back to the Super Bowl for the first time in 13 years during the 2015 season. Newton has since fully embraced the notion that he is the league’s Man of Steel. The Panthers embraced it as well. They began pumping the Superman theme song out of the Bank of America speakers.

Newton threw for 3,837 yards and 35 touchdowns during that season. He also added 636 yards and 10 touchdowns on the ground. The Panthers went 15-1 in the regular season and went to the Super Bowl.

Newton wound up just short of delivering Carolina its first-ever Super Bowl title. His Panthers were defeated by Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos 24-10.