Ben Askren’s Wife Responds After Jake Paul Called Her ‘Thicc’ in Recent Video

by Chris Haney

Pre-fight trash talk is commonplace, but the verbal jabs from YouTube star turned boxer Jake Paul have now been aimed at his opponent Ben Askren’s wife.

Paul is known for his antics and doing what he can to get under people’s skin. However, it doesn’t seem to be working as the former UFC fighter and his wife, Amy Askren, seemed to laugh it off on social media.

During an interview on Wednesday, the YouTube star called Amy “thicc” and said he might have to take her from her husband following their fight. His comments caused a stir with many calling him disrespectful. Yet anyone who knows Paul knows this is part of his schtick. It’s to be expected from the 24-year-old wannabe boxer with two previous fights under his belt.

Askren caught wind of Paul’s comments about his wife and playfully filmed her reaction to becoming part of the pre-fight trash talk. He asked Amy about becoming a sudden internet celebrity and asked what she thought about the term “thicc.”

Askren’s wife laughed at the notion of her newfound internet fame. She tells her husband she’s “not a professional” like Askren who is used to being in the spotlight. Amy says she’s not sure if being called “thicc” is a compliment or offensive, but she did have a hilarious message for all her new social media followers.

“Anything else you want to tell your new fans?” Askren asks his wife.

“Tell your moms to follow me because they’ll probably stick around after all this is over,” Amy joked.

“@amyaskren1 reacts to her new internet fame and being called Thicc 😂😂😂,” Askren amusingly captioned the Instagram post.

Ben Askren Laughs Off Jake Paul’s Comments About His Wife

On Wednesday, the YouTube celebrity spoke to TMZ Sports and revealed that he’s been messaging Ben Askren’s wife on Instagram. For a short time, Amy was also one of only two Instagram accounts Paul followed, but he’s since unfollowed her.

“I’ve been DM’ing his wife a little bit on Instagram. But I haven’t been talking to Ben at all,” Paul said. “She called me handsome so, I don’t know, seems kind of crazy. Who knows what’s going on over in the Askren house right now.”

Additionally, Paul spoke with Ariel Helwani on ESPN Ringside the same day. During the interview, he called Amy “thicc” and threatened to steal Askren’s wife from him after their fight.

“She thick, bro. She’s thick, with like two C’s. Like T-h-i-c-c,” Paul told a bemused Helwani. “Thicc like she’s real thicc. So, I don’t know, like, I just thought she’s bad. So I don’t know. I mean, maybe after I beat Ben. I don’t know.”

Askren himself seemed to take the jab in stride laughing at the awkward interview. In fact, the MMA fighter even agreed that he too finds his “wife very attractive also LOL.”

This will be the first true test of Paul’s short boxing career. Previously, he’s fought two other celebrities – another YouTuber in AnEsonGib (real name Ali Eson Gib) and former NBA player Nate Robinson.

Paul knocked out each fighter and has a 2-0 record in the ring, but his next opponent is a professional fighter. Askren is a former UFC competitor, Bellator champion, and ONE Championship titleholder so Paul could be in for a rude awakening.

Askren is scheduled to face Paul in an eight-round boxing match on April 17. The location of the event, which will air on traditional pay-per-view platforms, has not been finalized yet.