Bill Belichick Called a ‘Baby’ in Interview on Quarterbacks with Local Analyst

by Will Shepard

In a radio interview with Boston’s WEEI’s Lou Merloni, New England Patriot‘s head coach got a little stubborn. During the call, Bill Belichick chose to ignore a question, and the conversation stalled out.

A day after the interview, the host of the show took to Twitter and called the coach a baby.

On Monday, on the WEEI show, Ordway, Merloni & Fauria ask the Patriots coach about the end zone struggles. In particular, Merloni asks if a change at quarterback might help the team score more.

But, in classic Belichik mannerism, he answers the question exactly how he wants to answer it. If you don’t know what that means, he takes a full six seconds and then says, “I mean, we’ve talked about that.”

However, that question alone didn’t incite the utter awkwardness of the interview. Merloni then asks if Cam Newton is still going to be the starting quarterback for the Patriots. But Belichick was clearly frustrated by the question.

“We’ve talked about that question. It’s been several weeks that we’ve continued to ask the same question.”

Lead up to Belichick Being Called a “Baby”

But, Merloni persisted on the question. He asks if the situation changes now that the team is officially out of the playoff hunt. And in true Belichick fashion, he remains steadfast in his refusal to answer the question.

“You ask the same question every week, Lou. Every week you ask if something’s changed. I’ve told you, I already answered.”

Then Merloni asks if Patriots fans might have a chance to see Jarrett Stidham close out the season as the starting quarter back.

Belichick chose not to answer. So, 15 seconds pass before Merloni asks the question differently. He says that watching Newton struggle to throw the ball downfield is worrying and that fans would love to be able to see Stidham at the helm.

However, Belichick certainly doesn’t care about how fans feel and responded accordingly.

“Yeah. Great point, Lou.”

Then, Glenn Ordway chimes in to ask Belichick if it even is a possibility to see Stidham.

Belichick clearly liked this approach better and said that the team has a lot of questions to answer. He also says that the team needs to work on multiple areas of their game.

However, Merloni was still upset at how Belichick handled the interview. So, he took to Twitter the next day and expressed his emotions.

Not only are the Patriots missing the playoffs for the first time since 2008, but they may lose their last two games of the season too. Maybe a change at quarterback would do the team well.

Additionally, the Patriots’ head coach is being called a baby. Perhaps Belichick is trying to deflect negative criticisms from the team with these antics. But, more than likely, he is extremely frustrated with the team’s performance this year.

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