Bill Dance Sports His Signature Tennessee Hat and Helmet As He Gets ‘Ready for Football’

by Jonathan Howard

Always one to sport Tennessee Volunteer orange, Bill Dance is ready for the upcoming college football season. UT fans are dying for a good season. Everyone knows Dance for his iconic look. While out on the water angling and pulling in fish, his sunglasses and Tennessee Vols hats are a dead giveaway. It is now a part of who he is, and of course, part of his legend.

Ever since 1968, Dance has been hosting his own fishing shows and bringing sportfishing to homes across America. Many have fond memories of watching Dance over the years with their dads, uncles, fish wrangling aunts other loved ones. He has definitely shared many tips and tricks. However, the entire time he’s been an avid college football fan. Those Volunteers don’t take the fall lightly.

Wearing one of his iconic hats and holding a Volunteers helmet, Bill Dance sure does look ready for the upcoming season. “Who’s ready for some football?! This guy right here!!” the post read. As a Tenessee native, the Vols are close to Dance’s heart. His signature look is thanks to the Volunteer football program. It was back in the late 1960s when Doug Dickey, head coach at the time, gave him his first hat. Since then, that’s been part of Dance and his entire on-air personality.

So, it makes a lot of sense that the legendary angler is ready for the NCAA football season. SEC football is no joke and with such tough competition each year it is hard to remain at the top. Tennessee fans have felt that in recent years with coach turnover and other problems. Maybe Dance and Vols fans will have something to be happy about this season.

NCAA Football Is Back

After a strange and limited season last year, college football fans are ready to see a return to normal schedules. Last weekend was the “first” week in the season. However, there were very few games and not many good ones. However, this week is bringing the real first week of action with a slate of games too long to list. Louisville at Ole Miss will highlight a long weekend of phenomenal football for Labor Day Weekend.

This season is a bit unlike any other. With name, image, and likeness rights coming to college athletics, there are all kinds of brand deals. Student-athletes have made all kinds of deals and endorsements with companies ranging from Milo’s Sweet Tea to the Atlanta Braves organization. There is something for everyone out there it seems, and some athletes will potentially make six and seven figures. How that translates to on-field performance remains to be seen, but the change was long overdue. Here’s to hoping Bill Dance enjoys some wins this season.