Bill Walton Eats Cupcake With Lit Candle During Broadcast

by Keeli Parkey

Bill Walton is known for his career as an NBA legend. He’s known for being a popular basketball commentator. He’s also known for his (often strange) sense of humor.

That sense of humor was on full display this weekend while he was broadcasting a basketball game with Dave Pasch. While the duo wasn’t sitting next to one another on the sideline, they were able to interact over video.

During the broadcast, the 68-year-old Walton is presented with a cupcake with a lit candle. He holds it up before him. Smiling he says, “Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday.” He then takes a bite out of the cupcake – candle first! Pasch breaks out into laughter as his colleague continues to chow down. Walton emerges from his snack covered in chocolate with a smile on his face.

“Oh, man it just doesn’t get any better than that,” Bill Walton then said. That comment drew even more laughter from Pasch.

SportsNation shared a video of Walton eating the cupcake via Twitter on Saturday (Jan. 30). “Another iconic Bill Walton moment,” the tweet said. You can watch Walton eat the cupcake – candle and all – below.

Twitter got a kick out of Walton eating the cupcake. “Mundane is a word that can never be used to describe Bill Walton’s life. Yet another perfect example,” one user posted.

“Only announcer that is as entertaining as the game,” another said. And in response to that tweet, another posted: “I’ll watch games he’s announcing just for him. He’s the funniest announcer of all times in my book.”

This Wasn’t the First Time Bill Walton Ate a Cupcake with a Lit Candle

Walton eating the cupcake this weekend wasn’t the first time he’s pulled the same stunt. In February 2019, he and Pasch were broadcasting a college basketball game between Washington and Arizona State. During the broadcast, they were presented with a cupcake as part of a birthday celebration for another individual.

After sharing the well-wishes, Pasch dares Bill Walton to try the cupcake while the candle is still aflame. And, because he is Bill Walton, he goes for it!

According to SBNation, the NBA legend’s antics didn’t end there on that night in February 2019. He also used a feather duster on Pasch’s head and he displayed a very unique T-shirt with an emu painted on it.

Walton Took Boston Celtics Teammates to Meet the Grateful Dead

Bill Walton is also a famous “Deadhead.” That’s the nickname for someone who is a fan of the iconic band, the Grateful Dead. While playing for the Boston Celtics during the 1980s, Walton agreed to take his teammates to see the band perform live. One of those teammates was the legendary Larry Bird.

“We all met at Larry’s (Bird) house, the whole team was invited,” Walton said. “Everybody came except for Danny Ainge, whose wife wouldn’t let him come. …

“We go backstage and I’m introducing everybody around,” Walton continued. “Jerry and Phil and Bob and B.K. (Bill Kreutzmann) and Mickey and Brent (Mydland) was playing piano at the time. And then Larry, Kevin (McHale), ‘Chief’ (Robert Parish), and Jerry (Sichting) and Scotty (Wedman) and D.J. (Dennis Johnson) and Greg (Kite) and everybody…it was fantastic. And Rick Carlisle, too.”

You can watch Bill Walton talk about the Celtics and the Grateful Dead below.