Bishop Sycamore Is a ‘Scam,’ Investigation Determines

by Samantha Whidden

Not shocking to anyone who has been following this story. The Columbus, Ohio high school football team Bishop Sycamore Centurions has been dubbed a “scam” in a recent investigation.

Bishop Sycamore first made headlines in August 2021 after its blowout by IMB Academy. The game appeared on ESPN. But following the game, questions began to rise about the legitimacy of the mysterious school. The caused remaining opponents of the team’s schedule to drop out.

Now, months later, Fox News reports that the Ohio Department of Education has released its report about the investigation it conducted into the random charter school. The organization called the so-called online charter school a “scam” and not a legit school. 

The report reads, “Unfortunate, the facts suggest that Bishop Sycamore High School was and is, in fact, a scam. To that end, the head coach of the football team confirmed what has become apparent to everyone: Bishop Sycamore is not a school.”

The report also states that “the school” was a way for students to play football against high school teams. This would potentially increase students’ prospects of playing football at the collegiate level. “The cost of this dream for those students wasn’t just the tuition charged to attend the school. The price was the education students were entitled to receive.”

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Responded to the Report About Bishop Sycamore

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says he wants the attorney general and other officials to determine whether or not there was illegal activity.

“This report confirms numerous disturbing allegations regarding Bishop Sycamore,” DeWine declares in a statement. “There is no evidence that the ‘school’ enrolled students this year. Have a physical location for classes to meet. Employer teachers nor offered any academic program meeting minimum standards.”

Meanwhile, DeWine proclaims Ohio families should be able to count on the fact that Ohio schooled educate students. And don’t exist in name only as a vehicle to play high school sports. He is intending to work with the Department of Education and legislative leaders to implant the recommendations contained in the report. 

However, despite all the facts presented, the football team’s coach Andre Peterson claims that the school is not a scam. He shares with USA Today, “Because I’m not gaining anything financially from what we’re doing. The reality of it is that I have a son [Javan] that’s also in the program. [He] has been in the program for four years.”

The coach adds that if the school is a scam. And the kids are not going to school and not doing what they’re supposed to be doing, then he’s literally scamming himself. “And most importantly, I’m hurting my own son. I would literally be taking my son’s future and throwing it in the trash.”