Brandon Marshall Says Jets are ‘Perfect Landing Spot’ for Deshaun Watson, Urges QB to Demand Trade

by Thad Mitchell

Former National Football League standout wide receiver Brandon Marshall says the cure to Deshaun Watson‘s ails is New York.

Marshall spent two seasons with the Jets during his 13-year NFL career and would love to see his old team add a star quarterback. He says the Jets have plenty to offer Watson as the team is way under the league’s salary cap mandate. Watson currently sits on the roster of the Houston Texans but has made it known he wants to be traded this offseason.

“The New York Jets are the perfect landing spot for Deshaun Watson,” the former receiver says to TMZ.

Marshall says the team’s financial situation would allow them to take on Watson’s contract and still be active in the free-agent market. He specifically mentions Chicago Bears receiver Allen Robinson as a player who the Jets could sign to help out Watson.

“The salary cap, we got around $68, $69 million available,” he says. “Who do you want?”

Brandon Marshall Says Jets Made Good Coaching Hire

The Jets have a brand new head coach in former San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh, who took the job just weeks ago. Fans of the New York Jets, including Marshall, are hopeful that Saleh is able to turn around what is currently one of the league’s worst franchises. Marshall certainly sounds like someone who is extremely confident in Saleh’s head coaching abilities.

He’s going to turn this thing around,” the former Pro Bowler says. “And, we’ve been waiting for someone like him to lead the way.”

According to Marshall, the new coach’s first move to get the team turned around is to make a call to the Houston Texans. Watson has made it known to team officials and to others that he is unhappy with his current situation. The star quarterback is just 25-years-old and already a rising superstar within league circles. He signed a new contract just last year that makes him one of the highest-paid players in the entire league.

Watson is allegedly upset the team did not consider his thoughts on who they should hire as coach and general manager. It has caused a rift in the team that could eventually get the Pro Bowl quarterback traded to another team in the offseason.

If Brandon Marshall has anything to say about it however, the team benefiting from a Watson trade will be the New York Jets.