Braves Pitcher Reflects on Atlanta World Series, All-Star Game Removal

by Chase Thomas

The Atlanta Braves are your 2021 World Series champions. The Braves pulled off one of the more magical World Series runs in postseason history that concluded with an upset over the vaunted Houston Astros. It was a crazy, wild ride in Atlanta in 2021 to be sure, but it was a ride no fan is going to forget anytime soon.

Now, with the World Series and season behind them, one Braves pitcher, Tyler Matzek took to Twitter to reflect on the season that was. Not just on the magical run, but also on the decision by MLB to pull the All-Star Game out of Atlanta this summer.

Tyler tweeted, “After MLB took the All-Star game away from the Atlanta fans, it felt great to bring the World Series and the Commissioner’s Trophy to Atlanta. Baseball is a place where people can come together and cheer for something. It shouldn’t be used as something to drive people apart.”

It was a controversial decision at the time, one that is still talked about months after it happened. You never know when the next time your city is going to be fortunate enough to nab another All-Star game. It brings jobs and revenue and out-of-towners to your city for a fun few days of baseball. It certainly hurt the city and Tyler saw that. He wants baseball to be about bringing folks together, and it was nice to see that after Atlanta lost the game they added a World Series championship for good measure.

The Atlanta Braves Win It All

Nobody saw the Braves winning it all coming, not even Atlanta fans. Still, it happened.

Brian Snitker told the AJC, “Yeah, there was. I think after we got through the first round and beat Milwaukee because I knew what a challenge that was going to be with their pitching. We won that. Then you win a tough game, some close games like we did in Atlanta (against the Dodgers) in the (National League Championship Series), and then it’s like, ‘You know what, I think we can pull this off. We’re pretty good. We’re peaking at the right time.’ (NLCS MVP) Eddie (Rosario) got hot. The pitching was really good. And honestly, I thought and said, ‘You know what? We can pull this off.”

With every series win, Snitker and the team believed a little bit more. And then a little bit more. Eventually, they won enough to win the whole dang thing, Outsiders.

Braves’ chairman Terry McGuirk said, “We’re in our renaissance years.” He concluded, “We had a long-term plan, and we stuck to the plan. We actually got there a little early, and we’re not through. These next five years should be something.”

Only time will tell, but it is an exciting time to be an Atlanta Braves fan, for sure.