Brittany Matthews, Mahomes Fan Submits ‘Photo Correction’ After ESPN Tweet Hits the Internet

by Will Shepard

Patrick Mahomes gave it everything he had, but ultimately it wasn’t enough. He trotted off the field as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers raised the Lombardi trophy. But, as the fourth quarter was staring, his fiancé, Brittany Matthews, had a fiery tweet calling out ESPN.

With just about thirteen and a half minutes to go in the fourth quarter, ESPN posted a picture of Patrick Mahomes to their Twitter page. The scoreline beneath Mahomes’ bewildered look reads 31-9 Tampa Bay. Brittany Matthews was clearly irate at the tweet, and she let ESPN know how disrespectful it was.

Undoubtedly, in the heat of the game, Brittany Matthews was dealing with all of the possible emotional ups and downs. But, she wasn’t the only person to notice this ridiculous tweet from ESPN. Another person, one of the people who work for the agency that represents Patrick Mahomes, shared a different picture.

Brittany Matthews Garners Support From Other Fans After ESPN Tweet

This shot of Mahomes’ is one of those incredible moments that defies the laws of gravity and physics altogether. Late in the game, he was scrambling around the pocket trying to find an open receiver. But, before he could get the ball out, he was tackled. However, there was no stopping Mahomes from getting his throw off.

Brittany Matthews’ future husband leaped to his right to make a diving attempt to the end zone. Unfortunately, the pass was an incompletion, but the picture of the play is unbelievable. If the play had been completed, it might go down as one of the greatest moments in sports history.

Even though Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs lost the game, you cannot say that the quarterback didn’t give it his all. Brittany Matthews after the game was extremely complimentary of her fiancé. She also continued to speak her mind on Twitter.

In all fairness to ESPN, this tweet would look considerably different if the Kansas City Chiefs has battled back to win the game. This tweet would definitely be featured as a before and after picture or a crisis averted kind of scenario.

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