Browns RB Kareem Hunt Trolls Pittsburgh Steelers in Helmet Signing After Playoff Win

by Charles Craighill

After the Cleveland Browns absolutely demolished the Pittsburgh Steelers, running back Kareem Hunt trolled the Steelers with a helmet signing. The bitter AFC North rivals have had bad blood between them for years. Usually, the Steelers got the better of the Browns, but this game showed something different.

“Corvette Corvette,” Kareem Hunt wrote on the Browns helmet. “Browns 48, Steelers 37. Clapped ’em.”

To fully understand and appreciate the Kareem Hunt roast, you have to understand the context behind the all-star clap back. Over the course of the season, the Steelers receiving corps made a name for themselves off the field. Before many of the regular season games, Juju Smith-Schuster would dance on top of opposing team logos.

He would make these Tik Tok dances along to the song “Adderall (Corvette Corvette)” by Popp Hunna. Even after the Steelers lost a few games to inferior opponents, Smith-Schuster insisted on doing the dances. This is where the “Corvette Corvette” part of Kareem Hunt’s roast comes from.

More Layers to the Kareem Hunt Burn

However, the roast burns deeper than that. When Kareem Hunt wrote “Clapped ’em,” he takes a shot at Chase Claypool. After the big win, Claypool went on Instagram Live and was quoted saying “the Browns are gonna get clapped next week so it’s all good.”

The Browns did not “get clapped” by the Kansas City Chiefs, however, they did lose in a very tight game. That probably did not take any of the sting out of Kareem Hunt’s roast for Claypool and the Steelers.

How The Browns-Steelers Game Transpired

The Browns jumped out to an early 28-0 lead due to some atrocious plays by the Steelers. For instance, on the first play of the game, the Steelers’ veteran center snapped the ball over Ben Roethlisberger’s head. The Browns defense recovered the fumble. On the very next drive, Roethlisberger threw an interception that resulted in another Browns’ touchdown.

From there on, it was pretty smooth sailing for Kareem Hunt and the Browns. The Steelers scored some points in garbage time to make the score respectable, however, it was too little too late. For Browns fans, the win must have come close to satisfying over 25 years without a playoff win, and a lifetime of Steelers bullying.