Bubba Wallace Can’t Deal with How Incredible Chase Elliott’s Mustache Is

by Will Shepard

Mustaches are always stylish, and no one can say any differently. Bubba Wallace is certainly in agreement with that sentiment and took his thoughts to Twitter.

NASCAR’s Chase Elliott recently debuted a new look. It is arguably the best look he’s ever shown off in his lifetime. The look is an astounding handlebar mustache that will undoubtedly get everyone excited.

Bubba Wallace for one is in complete awe of the new look. Even though Wallace doesn’t rock a mustache, he keeps his beard in tip-top shape. In response to Elliott debuting the new look, Wallace took to Twitter to say three simple words of encouragement.

Bubba Wallace and Chase Elliott

The two NASCAR stars are friends and have been supporting each other for a while. Their friendship has become more meaningful since a noose was found in Bubba Wallace’s locker.

Chase Elliott has stood by Bubba Wallace’s side since the incident and has been incredibly supportive of him. In fact, Wallace went on Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s podcast last June to talk about an exchange he had with Elliott.

During the podcast, he talks about how he asked for Elliott’s support for the black lives matter movement. Even though it was a tough exchange for the driver for 23XI Racing, it was positive.

“I texted him last night. I said ‘hey man, you’re the biggest name in our sport right now, bud.'”

Bubba Wallace wasn’t finished there. He continued talking about what he texted Elliott. Certainly searching for support from one of the most popular drivers in NASCAR, Wallace knew his support would change the tide.

“‘Like it or not, you’re the biggest name. And your voice carries over much more than mine in our sport.’ I said, ‘don’t be silent on this, please. Don’t let it go under wraps.'”

Elliot responded to Wallace, saying, “What’s really going to change?”

Although it was clearly not the response that Wallace wanted to get, he persevered. Talking with Earnhardt Jr. about the exchange, he explains just how hard it was to hear one of his colleagues be unsupportive for a time.

“Imagine two followers that you have. One is a person that is going to go hate somebody, go kill somebody. And the other one is somebody who is getting discriminated against. Imagine you saying something, and both of those people look at that and they’re like, ‘Wow, that changed who I am today. I’m not going to hate on anybody anymore, and I’m not going to allow to be discriminated against anymore. I’m going to stand up for what’s right.’ Imagine your words changing somebody else’s life.”

However, Chase Elliot decided to change the way that people look at a situation. Alongside Bubba Wallace, he is taking a stand against racism.