Bubba Wallace Sends Patriotic Message to ‘Brave Men and Women’ on Veterans Day

by Jonathan Howard

Today is Veterans Day and there have been so many messages from all over the country. Bubba Wallace made sure to share his message as well. The NASCAR Cup Series driver took the social media to share some words about the day.

Over on his Twitter account, Wallace made sure to thank the men and women of the military for all they do. It is great to see all the kind words folks have shared and he has only added to those with this post.

“Happy #VeteransDay to the brave men and women that have served our country. Those who live in freedom will always be grateful to those who helped preserve it! Proud of the courage and dedication. Thank you!” The post caption reads.

In the replies, there were plenty of thank yous from fans who had served. Many of them mentioned the win at Talladega. Bubba Wallace earned his first cup series win with his finish there. One user, Neil, said, “You’re welcome. Awesome win at Talledega. Wished you had a better result in the playoffs. Pretty impressive season for a first year team. Better luck next year.”

Wallace is a big supporter of veterans. He put out a heartfelt and emotional post to military members back on Memorial Day. He is always sure to give thanks and support whenever possible.

Bubba Wallace finished his season in 21st position in the regular season. While he wasn’t in the playoffs, he did secure a win at Talladega during the playoff season. Rain caused problems all day and he took advantage of that. His strong move to get into position before the delay and then end of the race was impressive.

Bubba Wallace Finishes Season with a Win Under his Belt

No matter what, this last season for Bubba Wallace will be one that he remembers for a long time. It wasn’t just his first season with his new team, 23XI, but there have been big moves made in his career otherwise. Not to mention the addition of No.45, Kurt Busch, to the team for next season, his personal growth has been obvious.

While critics can complain about his win in the rain, it happens every year in NASCAR. Just part of the sport. When he detailed the race, it was clear he knew what was coming. It was the result of a good team and a good plan being put in place. He knew the race might be shortened and so he made a hard move in the second stage. That first win in the cup series has to be satisfying, but it is clear he is after more.

Next season for Bubba Wallace is going to be a very important one and one that fans will want to pay attention to. Second-year under a new team with a new teammate, the only place to go is up.