Bubba Wallace Says He Is an ‘Ask Madden’ Type of Player

by Katie Maloney

NASCAR icon, Bubba Wallace shares his plans for the Pro Bowl this year on Twitter.

Because of the pandemic, the NFL Pro Bowl was canceled this year. However, the league got a little creative and found a way to work around restrictions. Instead of airing the traditional Pro Bowl, the league will air a virtual version of the game this weekend. Current and former NFL players and celebrities will compete with Pro Bowl rosters in the “Madden NFL 21” video game.

He hyped the event with a funny Tweet. Along with promotional images for the game, Bubba Wallace wrote, “For the record…I’m the ‘ask madden’ every play type guy…”

Well, you can’t be great at every sport, I guess….

Bubba Wallace Is A Social Media Comedian

This isn’t the first time Wallace has made his fans chuckle. In fact, his social media accounts are filled with laugh-worthy shares. Recently, Wallace poked fun at his NASCAR friend’s facial hair. Wallace shared an image of both his dog Asher and fellow race car driver, Chase Elliot. Along with the images, Wallace wrote, “Who wins the best handlebars??”

Chase Elliot himself was the first to comment on the post. He responded, “Asher 100%”

Wallace even poked fun at himself a bit with a post promoting the Bubba Wallace underwear collection for PSD Underwear. He shared a photo of himself wearing the garment along with his racing uniform and equipment. Along with the photo, Wallace wrote, “Do you really need abs to be an underwear model? My @psdunderwear collection is now live!” 

Even his girlfriend isn’t safe from his social media humor. Wallace shared a photo of his girlfriend, Amanda Carter, holding their dog. Along with the photo, Wallace wrote, “‘Darrell you’re gonna want to turn on the light and look at your dog” along with cry-laugh emojis. Then he wrote, “If only talks could talk…”

In conclusion, if NASCAR doesn’t end up working out for him, there’s a career in comedy waiting for Bubba Wallace.