Buffalo Bills Troll New England Patriots with Billboard Near Gillette Stadium

by Suzanne Halliburton

Buffalo Bills fans are rejoicing in the team’s AFC East division title. So why not poke the Patriots – their top rival – where it hurts.

Like down the street from New England’s stadium.

This week, NFL on Fox unveiled a billboard won by Buffalo Bills fans, aka #BillsMafia. Buffalo fans won a contest at the start of the season that designates them as the best in the NFL. The prize was a billboard. When Fox surveyed fans to see where they wanted to plant it, outside Gillette Stadium was the overwhelming No. 1. Almost 72 percent of respondents picked the spot in Foxborough, Mass.

The official Buffalo Bills Twitter account reveled in the news. “Of course #BillsMafia chose Foxborough, Ma.” Extra troll points for doing it the same week that saw the Patriots eliminated from the playoff race.

A tweet from Fox Sports told Buffalo Bills fans “want to see your billboard!? It’s located just 4 minutes from Gillette Stadium.”

The 18-year-old Gillette Stadium is about 30 miles from downtown Boston. The Patriots maintain their team offices at the stadium complex. It’s where the team practices. Now, everyone gets to pass by the glorious billboard that champions the Buffalo Bills. Patriots fans probably aren’t amused.

It’s Been A Giant Party Week for Buffalo Bills

You’ll have to forgive Bills fans for being somewhat ungracious winners. Winning is new to an entire generation of Buffalo. The last time the Bills won the division was in 1995.

Buffalo clinched the divisional title last Saturday in Denver. And fans headed to the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport to greet their team.

COVID-19 restrictions kept Bills fans from even seeing their team play in person at home this fall. But nothing kept a few thousand from gathering Saturday night to greet their football heroes.

The fan bases of Cleveland (1989) and Detroit (1993) are the only two groups who have waited longer than Buffalo.

While the Lions aren’t celebrating anything this season, Cleveland fans are a much more festive group. The Browns haven’t won a divisional title since 1989. But they’re suddenly back in the divisional race with Pittsburgh. The two teams meet in Cleveland, Jan. 3.

But back to Buffalo, that fun party spot in northwest New York. The Bills play New England next Monday. But the game will be meaningless. The Bills clinched. The Patriots lost last Sunday to Miami. It eliminated them from the playoffs. The last time New England missed the post season was in 2002.

It probably should be noted that the Buffalo Bills billboard isn’t in Foxborough. According to Boston.com, it’s in Wrentham. We’re sure the celebrating Bills fans aren’t that concerned with this detail.