Chipper Jones Completely Dropped the Ball (Literally) on Foul Ball at Braves Game: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard

Chipper Jones was enjoying the Atlanta Braves game in the stands as a fan when a foul ball came his way. The former number one overall pick was tasked with catching the fly ball and things did not go so well.

While it doesn’t appear anyone was hurt, Jones’ pride definitely was. Now, let’s watch the former World Series champ and eight-time All-Star flub this catch.

Chipper looked more like Larry Wayne in the third row there. Look, he’s there to watch the game not participate. However, the missed pop fly is going to bounce around on the internet for a good day or so. One of the best third basemen of his generation, and even with a season playing left field, Jones wasn’t able to turn the clock back.

For us non-professional athletes, it’s nice to see our heroes look a little human every once in a while. It has been nine years since Chipper Jones was suiting up for the Braves. The 49-year-old might have gotten a word or two from catcher Travis d’Arnaud it appears.

The Braves are going to be in for quite a series with the Brewers. Milwaukee took game one and the series is all tied at 1-1. Today’s Game 3 is going to determine who takes the advantage in the five-game series heading into Game 4.

Braves Try to Takes Advantage in NLDS

The Braves and Brewers both topped their divisions this season and are ready to make deep runs into the Playoffs. However, this is going to be a tough task. Right now, both teams have won a game and there doesn’t seem to be an advantage one way or another.

Today’s Game 3 could change all that. If that Chipper Jones failed catch was an omen…the Braves might not have much luck. Of course, that has nothing to do with anything if you aren’t superstitious. This season, the Brewers won more games and had a record of 95-67 in the regular season.

It was back in 1995 when Chipper Jones won the World Series as a member of the Braves. During his time on the team, a career that spanned three decades, he played a lot of fall baseball. Maybe with him in attendance they can find a little of that magic again. Atlanta fans are dying for postseason success without the heartbreak like last year.

The Braves finished 88-73. Last season, the Braves thought they were on their way to the World Series only to lose to the Dodgers in the NLCS. Los Angeles also took out the Brewers in 2020 during the Wild Card. These are two franchises with hungry fan bases. The bats are swinging, look out Chipper Jones.