Cincinnati Bengals Will Redesign Uniforms Over 2021 Offseason

by Will Shepard

The Cincinnati Bengals are redesigning their uniforms for next season. On Thursday, January 21, The Bengals announced that the team is going to unveil the new uniforms before the 2021 season gets underway.

More specifically, the team will unveil the jersey at some point this spring. Interestingly, the Bengals haven’t made drastic changes to their uniform in almost 40 years. In fact, the last time that the team changed their uniforms was when they added stripes before the 1981 season.

Although the Bengals have made minor tweaks and color changes over the years, not much has changed. Even though their jerseys are changing, the team says that they will be keeping their helmets the same.

Cincinnati Bengals Designing New Jerseys

While jersey changes likely don’t have an impact on how well an NFL team performs, it has an impact on jersey sales. There aren’t concrete numbers readily available for how much money a color change for the Bengals will generate in revenue. However, jersey changes, when liked by the fans, generate a massive amount of attention from fans.

Additionally, per the NFL Players Association deal, players get around 45 percent of the revenue from having their jersey sold. So, as important as new jerseys are for fans, it is equally important for players. When a jersey is designed well, everyone gets to enjoy it, players, fans, and teams alike.

Now, the Bengals fans specifically won’t truly care about the jersey change. As long as their team can dig themselves out of the basement of the league, they’ll likely support anything their team wears.

Additionally, the Cincinnati Bengals haven’t made the playoffs since 2015. During that last appearance, Andy Dalton couldn’t get the team past the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card game. The Bengals also haven’t won a playoff game since 1990 against the Houston Oilers.

More importantly, the Bengals have only been in the playoffs a total of 14 times in their 52 seasons. That statistic certainly doesn’t keep fans around. So, here’s to hoping that the team can turn it around soon.