Clint Bowyer Honors Jimmie Johnson’s Iconic Career: ‘Champion of Life’

by Kayla Zadel

Fellow NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer’s sharing a special message on the day of Jimmie Johnson’s last race.

Jimmie Johnson announced that he would be stepping away from NASCAR full-time last year. The amount of support he’s receiving not only shows how great of a racecar driver he is, but it also measures the character of this man.

Clint Bowyer, who also announced he’s stepping away from NASCAR, is chiming in with a heartfelt response to Jimmie Johnson’s video.

Bowyer writes, “No one has done it better! Champion of life more than anything and this video shows a lot of that. Incredible things on the track, off of it, and everywhere in between. I’m sure glad I get to line up across the bar from him from now on instead the starting grid. 😜#48”

Fans aren’t only chiming in supporting Johnson’s retirement, but an outpouring of messages are also aimed Bowyers.

Jimmie Johnson Shares Heartfelt Video on Eve of Final Race

Jimmie Johnson is getting ready to make those continuous left turns for the final time. And as he’s doing so, fans around the world are watching a four-minute video he shared Saturday (Nov. 7) night on Twitter.

“For me, it’s always been about family. #OneFinalTime,” reads the caption.

Johnson narrates the tear-jerking video and shares how much family means to him. He talks about his immediate family, like the support he received from his parents. Then he continues on about his race family. And finally, he addresses his wife and kids.

Memorable moments of his career overlay the sound bites. We even get a sneak peek at Johnson testing an IndyCar.

Johnson goes onto say that his family made sacrifices for his career, and now he’s ready to switch the tables. He’s ready to be there as a dad and watch his daughters grow.