Clint Bowyer Takes Shot at Today’s Generation of NASCAR Drivers, Says Throwback Pic Is ‘Back When Drivers Looked Like Men’

by Kayla Zadel

Retired NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer is now part of the old boys club and he’s telling today’s drivers how he really feels.

The former stock car driver turned broadcaster took to Twitter to retweet one of Rick Mast’s pics and added his thoughts.

“Back when drivers looked like men. No meal plans, no trainers, no masseuse, no physical therapists, no hyperbaric chambers, no sports psychiatrist, and certainly no golf simulators… just flat got the job done. Boy, we sure haven’t done very well with our generation. 🙅‍♂️,” Bowyer tweets.

Rick Mast originally shared the photo of him standing among fellow drivers at the time, Bobby Labonte, Ken Schrader, Stacy Compton, and Hut Strickland.

“Rick Mast Golf Classic/Concert memories,” he writes.

Some fans agree with Clint Bowyer, that NASCAR just isn’t what it used to be.

“Every sport is like this now, so much grooming and specialized training with the introduction of the internet and training videos. It’s why every professional league is getting younger and younger. Crazy to think professional athletes are past their prime after 35,” one person replies.

Then there are some that don’t agree and are a bit astonished that Bowyer would share something like this.

“Big fan, Clint. This tweet is big time cringey. You’re better than that,” writes this fan.

“Clint, these drivers are all white men who all had their real life struggles but maybe didn’t know how to fix them. I will take our current diverse field of men & women any day of the week. Massages, meal plans, mental health care & all,” comments this person.

Mast replies with, “I DID have a meal plan. Hot dogs, Honey buns, Skoal and Bud.”

Bowyer also comments back at Mast, poking furthering to poke fun, writing, “All four are banned substances.”

Bower might be a retired NASCAR driver, but he hasn’t completely stepped away from the scene. He’s walking into the FOX broadcast booth this race season.

Clint Bowyer Watching the Rolex 24 at Daytona

Bowyer is not only talking about former race car drivers on Twitter. He’s also chatting about the Rolex 24 at Daytona. It’s a race that’s run for 24 hours. Different drivers switch out and there are five classes of cars.

Bowyer shares, “Pretty damn cool to go to bed watching a race and then wake up the next day to it still going. Not to mention some of our NASCAR buds in the hunt. #Rolex24

Then one person asks Bowyer if he’s ever considered driving in the racing marathon. He answers, “I did in 2012. First and only time I’ve ever driven a Ferrari.”