Colin Cowherd Sounds Off on Jon Gruden, Wonders if He’s Better ‘Marketing Maven’ Than Coach

by Quentin Blount

Fox Sports’ talk show host Colin Cowherd had some blunt words for Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden on Friday afternoon.

The Las Vegas Raiders suffered a defeat on Thursday night to rookie quarterback Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers. The loss has Cowherd questioning whether or not Gruden is a good football coach.

On his show The Herd, Cowherd says he thinks Jon Gruden is to blame for the Raiders losing four of their last five games following the outcome on Thursday Night. After a 6-3 season start for the Raiders, things have taken a turn for the worst. Las Vegas lost a close battle in overtime against the Los Angeles Chargers, 30-27.

Colin Cowherd Criticizes Jon Gruden

Gruden is a Super Bowl-winning head coach and fan-favorite personality. However, his teams seem to always start the season strong, but start to fade off as the season rolls along. Take this season as an example.

The Raiders are currently sitting at 7-7. They are 1-4 since Nov. 22 and are without a doubt on the outside looking in on the AFC Playoff picture. It’s been another example of Gruden not being able to figure out the last few weeks of the season.

Meanwhile, Colin Cowherd normally loves Gruden and often talks highly of him. Nonetheless, yesterday he gave the Raiders head coach a solid dose of criticism after the Raiders’ overtime loss on Thursday night.

“The Raiders and Gruden are getting worse at the end of years,” Cowherd said on Friday. “Assuming the Raiders miss the playoffs, it’ll be the third time Jon Gruden has coached a team, started 6-3 and missed the playoffs. Is it probable that Gruden’s an average coach, and he’s more media marketing maven than football genius?”

The official Twitter account for The Herd tweeted a clip of the video, noting that Gruden has a career .377 winning percentage in the month of December.

“He’s just an average coach,” The Herd account wrote. “It’s what he is and the numbers say. Not everybody that’s won a Super Bowl is a genius”

Cowherd may have a point on this one. Jon Gruden-coached teams have not fared well at the end of seasons, unlike some of the other top coaches in the NFL. The top coaches and teams in the league are playing their best football at the end of the year before heading into the playoffs.

With two games left in the regular season, the Raiders will host the surprising 8-5 Miami Dolphins in Week 16.