College Football Is Back and Fans Are Going Absolutely Nuts

by Suzanne Halliburton

College football is back. So pass the chips and queso. This day calls for snacks and your favorite adult beverage.

Refer to this day as week zero in college football, since only a few games are on the schedule.

The big kickoff is next week, starting Wednesday night. There are 16 contests for Thursday, then another eight for Friday. And there are too many college football games to count set for Saturday. The last game is Louisville at Ole Miss in prime-time on Labor Day.

All the games just add to the Labor Day weekend hoopla. The NFL gives their college football little brothers the whole stage.

But on Saturday, a handful of programs across the country can take center stage. Good or bad, we’ll watch it all. It’s why ESPN’s College Football twitter account posted a crying Snoop Dogg. Saturday is that emotional.

The first big game was a Big Ten affair with Illinois playing host to Nebraska. The Cornhuskers bumbled their way through the first half with a combo of special teams mistakes and offensive turnovers.

As PFF College pointed out via a tweet: “The first points of the College Football season was a safety off a punt.” The tweet also included the prayer emoji. We’re also praying the special teams bust won’t be a sign of things to come.

Rodger Sherman tweeted: “there are two types of football fans: —people who see Nebraska-Illinois is on and say “oh, that game’s gonna be terrible” and change the channel —people who see Nebraska-Illinois is on and say “oh, that game’s gonna be terrible, WE HAVE TO WATCH IT”

Another user, Tiffany, showed her love for the Ohio State Buckeyes and the return of the football season.

(Remember what we said about college football, especially week zero. Even bad football is good).

The other marquee college game, Saturday, is Hawaii at UCLA. But the action continues into the night. The final game — Southern Utah at San Jose State — kicks at 9 p.m. Central.

We’ve got all sorts of preseason polls to check. Alabama is the top team in August. The Crimson Tide are atop the two major polls. But the Associated Press media poll thinks Oklahoma is second best, while the USA Today coaches poll lists Clemson. The Sooners are No. 3 for the coaches. So there is some consensus on the best squads in the country. But you always should put a caveat on any ranking this early. It’s August, not December.

Speaking of Oklahoma and Alabama, one of the latter school’s top sports alums cheered on football. Golfer Justin Thomas posted on Twitter: “Hard to be a bad Saturday when COLLEGE FOOTBALL SZN IS BACK!!!!!!”

And the Sooners had a fan sum up how their fanbase must be feeling a week before their first game.

Then there was Sean Salisbury, the former quarterback. He tweeted: “So damn awesome to see full stadiums and college football back on my TV!”

Another fan wrote: “I’m not excited for summer to be over but I’m definitely happy college football is back!”

So yes, we’ll be watching all Saturday, til the last whistle blows. There’s no such thing as a bad day of college football.