This College Football Fan Managed To Storm Two Fields in One Day

by Thad Mitchell

When it comes to the world of college football, it doesn’t get much more exciting than a big win over your team’s biggest rival.

What makes this college football experience even sweeter is if it is a big upset win over your school’s rival. It doesn’t happen often but it isn’t uncommon to see fans rush the field of play. College football fans are known to let their emotions get the best of them after a big victory and take the celebration to the field. They aren’t technically supposed to do that, but good luck stopping 50,000 people from rushing onto a field they desperately want to be on. There’s no amount of security in the world that could rise up to that task.

This past Saturday brought two field rushing moments with a big come from behind win and the upset of the football year, so far. The Oklahoma Sooners came back from an early deficit to be the Texas Longhorns in the Red River Shootout. Later in the day, the Texas A&M Aggies pulled off the upset of the year, defeating the number one ranked Alabama Crimson Tide on a last-second field goal.

In both instances, college football rushed the field the there was no way you were going to stop them. Sooner fans and Aggie fans were getting on their perspective fields one way or another. The celebration in both games was massive and one particular fan was there for both field-storming events. Take a look at this social media video that shows a young college football fan present at both games. Like all the other fans packed into the stadium, he was getting on the field for the massive celebration.

“Two games, two field storms,” the post says. “What a College Football Saturday.”

College Football Fan Attendes Two Fantastic Finishes

The college football fan began his day in Texas, watching the Oklahoma Sooners take on the Texas Longhorns. It is one of the best and long-standing rivalries that college football has to offer. The Longhorns jumped out to a commanding lead by dominating the first two-quarters of play. The Sooners would not go down easy and rallied late in the fourth quarter for a 55-48 win. The big win keeps the Sooners unbeaten on the year and they will remain in the college football top five rankings.

The fans then made the three-hour trek to College Station to watch the Aggies take on the defending national champions, the Crimson Tide. An ultra-intense match came down to the last second. A field goal as time expires gives Texas A&M the big win over Alabama.

In both these instances, college football fans took over the field in celebration at least one fan was there for both.