College Football Fans Are Coming Absolutely Unglued Over Bowl Game Craziness

by Thad Mitchell

Christmas is over but for fans of college football, we are entering into the most wonderful time of the year — bowl season.

College football bowl season is often insane and not for the faint of heart. We have already seen numerous wild games and crazy moments that will stick with us through the offseason. Known for their passion, college football fans live and die with every snap of the ball. This bowl season has already given us a few spectacular moments — and it’s not New Year’s Day yet.

As they often do, college football fans have flooded social media to share their thoughts on their team’s performance.

In one of the most entertaining games of the year, the Purdue Boilermakers outlasted the Tennessee Volunteers in a game that went to overtime. A couple of questionable calls went against both teams and fans have plenty to say about the Music City Bowl.

“How is that not a touchdown?” a Tennessee fan asks. “Tennesse is taking on Purdue and the Refs.”

“Proud of our team,” a Purdue fan responds. “We fought hard and came out on top. Props to Tennessee for a good game.”

But at least we actually got the Music City Bowl. The same cannot be said about the Holiday Bowl that would pit North Carolina State against the Bruins of UCLA.

With numerous players unavailable due to COVID-19, UCLA canceled the game hours before kickoff. Fans of both teams were wildly upset with the decision.

“This is just unbelievable,” a college football fan says in a Twitter post. “The Bruins should be ashamed.”

College Football Bowl Season Is a Delight For Sports Fans

Many people will tell you that bowls, played at the end of the regular season, don’t really matter. I heavily advise you not to say that to a college football fan.

Bowl season gives fans one last game to root for their favorite team before a long hiatus ensues. It gives us one more opportunity to put on the colors of our alma mater.

If our team performs well it gives us hope heading into the 2022 college football season. If our team doesn’t do well — it gives us plenty to talk about in the offseason. Bowl season is a glorious time to be a sports fan and enjoy a last hoorah before the college football season officially comes to a close.

Bowl season is about to really crank up with New Year’s Day nearly upon us. Today (Friday) will determine which two teams will square off in the National Championship Game. In the hunt for the ultimate prize are the universities of Alabama, Cincinnati, Georgia and Michigan.