College GameDay Fans Are Not Happy with Saturday’s Guest Picker

by John Jamison

What comes to mind when you think of the Red River Showdown? Is it the quadruple overtime game Oklahoma took 53-45 last year? Maybe it’s the 1976 matchup that saw Darell Royal demand the OU coaching staff submit to a polygraph test after he accused them of spying. How about Mark Cuban? No? Well, the Indiana alum was brought in as the celebrity guest picker on College GameDay from Dallas, and the fans’ reactions have been something to behold.

Before we dive into the whole Mark Cuban situation, it’s worth noting that the internet hotly contested decision to send the College GameDay gang to Texas this weekend. Of course, Texas-Oklahoma is one of the biggest rivalries in college football. This Red River Showdown marks the first time the schools have met since getting their invite to the big dance of the Southeastern Conference. So it’s a big game. No one denies that.

But some fans, likely those of the two teams we’re about to mention, took issue with College GameDay skipping out on Iowa for the matchup between the undefeated #4 Nittany Lions and #3 Hawkeyes.

Since the GameDay crew opted for Texas instead, you’d think they reach out to a celebrity guest picker with some connection to UT or OU. Instead, they gave college football fans a celebrity with deep ties to Dallas, but not from football. It was none other than Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Fans of the two schools weren’t exactly pleased.

Others echoed Lilah’s sentiments. They wondered why a person unaffiliated with either school was the choice for celebrity guest picker.

“He went to Indiana,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Why,” another added. Not one to mince words.

Let’s Check In with College GameDay’s Kirk Herbstreit and His Prediction for the Red River Showdown

At the time of this writing, Texas is beating up on the undefeated #6 Sooners. Through one quarter, the Longhorns hold a 28-7 lead. There’s a lot of game left, however, and anything can happen. On Friday, Kirk Herbstreit of College GameDay weighed on the matchup between Texas and Oklahoma.

“I’m excited to see — going in as we sit here on Friday, I feel like it’s a high-scoring game. I think both defenses will struggle to stop the other offense. I feel like it has the makings of a ‘who has the ball last?’ kind of game. Maybe I’ll be proven completely wrong. But that’s what it feels like based on watching the film,” Herbstreit told 247Sports.

There’s still plenty of time for Herbstreit’s prediction to come true.