Conor McGregor Calls Out Floyd Mayweather on His Birthday

by Atlanta Northcutt

Conor McGregor doesn’t only fight in the UFC ring. He is ruthless on social media, too, as he gives a one-two written punch to his former opponent Floyd Mayweather on the man’s birthday.

McGregor Has a Strange Way of Wishing Happy Birthday

It takes a certain kind of person to put someone down on their birthday, yet it appears the superstar UFC fighter is that person.

McGregor posted an intense photo on Instagram of himself and Mayweather literally facing off. He captioned the photo with a simple and not-so-subtle statement that reads, “Happy birthday Floyd! We miss you on the Forbes ❤️”

The Social Media Battle Between McGregor & Mayweather

There is apparently bad blood between the two following their big boxing match in August 2017. The undefeated champ won the fight with a TKO in the 10th round. Ever since the two have been trading jabs through social media and other public channels.

The comment comes after a 2020 release by Forbes of the “World’s Highest-Paid Athletes in the World.” Obviously, McGregor made the list where he ranked as the 16th highest-paid out of the other 60 athletes mentioned. Mayweather wasn’t as lucky to make last year’s list.

McGregor’s attack on Mayweather isn’t the first time the two men have battled outside of the boxing ring. Mayweather isn’t an innocent party when it comes to fueling the drama. Last month he made his own post after seeing McGregor be knocked out by Dustin Poirier during the major UFC 257 event.

Mayweather Brings the Heat Against the UFC Fighter

Floyd Mayweather, who is an undefeated boxing legend, also posted a similar photo of him face-to-face with McGregor while he aggressively points a finger in the fighter’s face. Mayweather talked about racism when it comes to the public’s negative response to his calling out of McGregor while the fighter did the same, but received less bad press. He also discussed what he perceived to be racist ideas following the boxer’s success.

However, he then called McGregor a bum. 

“I seen this post and my take on it is that the world knows Con Artist McLoser can steal everything from me and be loved but I’m hated,” Mayweather captioned his post. “That just lets you all know that racism still exists. Just know, that bum will never be me or be on my level. I’m just built different, my mindset is on another planet, my skills are second to none, I’m a natural-born winner and yes I talk a lot of trash, but every time I back it up! This is what they hate.”

Mayweather then continues by writing, “It’s sad that you can be a poor black kid from the ghetto that has dealt with racism your whole life and work extremely hard to put yourself and your family in a better position, and most of the hate comes from my own people. Connor cannot even win in his own sport, but talking about coming back to boxing to fight Pacquiao. Nobody wants to see that, it’s like my leftovers eating leftovers.”

Happy Birthday, Floyd Mayweather?

Although rumors swirled that the two may battle each other once again, it doesn’t appear to be happening in the near future. The only fighting that’s currently taking place is through social media assaults by two successful grown men.

At this time, Mayweather hasn’t responded to McGregor’s post. The boxer is probably more focused on enjoying his birthday with loved ones, but if the past is any indicator of the present, a written jab will soon be given to the former opponent.

Can’t we all get along, especially while celebrating a day of birth, and keep the fighting in the ring?