Conor McGregor Fires Back After Pitching Criticism, Claims He’s One of Best Athletes Around

by Chris Haney

If there’s one thing no one has ever accused UFC legend Conor McGregor of, it’s having a lack of confidence. Following his recent terrible first pitch at Wrigley Field, the Irishman has fired back at critics in defense of his performance.

On Tuesday, the Chicago Cubs played host to the Minnesota Twins at the “Friendly Confines.” The team also hosted the former UFC champion who threw out the ceremonial first pitch. Additionally, he led the crowd in an interesting rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch. Both were less than spectacular, and the sports world has not been kind to McGregor, especially on social media.

Late on Wednesday night, Conor McGregor fought back against criticism calling his pre-game pitch the worst ever. His throw missed the target high and wide right by at least 10-15 feet. In fact, many compared it to rapper 50 Cent‘s errant pitch at a New York Mets game. Unsurprisingly, the always confident McGregor refused to believe his pitch was one of the worst ever.

Conor McGregor Defends First Pitch In Instagram Post

The recent criticism of the UFC fighter’s first pitch clearly got to McGregor who defended himself on Instagram late last night. He seems to think the power behind his pitch made up for the lack of accuracy, which is putting it nicely.

“The audacity to compare mine with this piss! Picture to picture alone buries this. Mine, bar the accuracy, was the most powerful and fastest first pitch of any of these other athletes/ artist over the years. No comparison. Smoke them up and down that Forbes I do. Get Messi over. Smoked. Cris. Smoked. Federer. Doubled. All time Most Power! Put me in the Wrigley hall of fame for that rocket launch. Beside some of that nice red brick. Mahogany Oak Frame. Wimbledon lines in the grass. The great Wrigley Field reminds me of the grounds on my land in Ireland. Impeccable,” Conor McGregor wrote on Instagram of his first pitch.

He then took aim at 50 Cent joking about his powerful pitch and saying the rapper is only involved with a hit TV show called Power.

“Anyway back to the pitch… Venom. Composure. Balance! The gold bar of Patek almost came flying off me it was that fast and powerful… Small bucks 50cent. One has power. One is the director of media relations for some show called Power. You know what it is. The Mac in Chicago!” the UFC star added.

You’ve got to give McGregor credit. The man lives in a dream world and isn’t backing down. It’s almost impressive how unaware he is and how in denial he is of the truly poor first pitch attempt. The Irishman is always entertaining though, there’s no denying it.