Country Star Jimmie Allen Responds to Philadelphia Eagles Struggles: ‘We Still Have a Chance’

by Will Shepard

The Philadelphia Eagles are not a good football team this year, but their fans are still holding out hope. In particular, country star Jimmie Allen still believes that his football team has a shot at the playoffs. And he might actually be correct, but there’s a number of things that need to happen for that to occur.

The Eagles beat the New Orleans Saints on Sunday to improve to 4-8-1. With three games left in the regular season, Allen is not ready to believe that the season is over. And he is correct. While it may seem impossible for the Eagles to make the playoffs, they are not mathematically eliminated yet.

Allen thinks that the Eagles can still make the postseason in the awful NFC East. In a recent tweet, he says that he is not giving up on his dream of watching the Eagles play in the postseason this year.

“My Eagles, and yes, we stink this season but,… we still have a chance at the playoffs, haha.”

Jimmie Allen Holds Out Hope for the Eagles

The Eagles currently sit in third place in the NFC East but are still somehow in the playoff picture. However, realizing that dream will be tough.

Allen’s favorite team needs to win all three remaining games. But, the Eagles will need some help from other teams to make the playoffs. In particular, the New York Giants and the Washington Football Team both need to lose their remaining games. If both teams lose out, only then will the Eagles have a chance to win the division.

Although that seems like a reach, it is certainly possible. Allen’s team can only make the playoffs if the Giants and the Football Team lose their remaining games. No other scenarios exist for the Eagles to make the postseason.

Even though the Eagles road to playoffs is difficult, the team is getting a boost from a new quarterback. Jalen Hurts is taking over at the quarterback position for the former first-round pick, Carson Wentz. Additionally, Hurts played well against the Saints and their stingy defense. Hurts threw for 167 yards with one touchdown, and he also rushed for 106 yards.

Now, Hurts will face the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals’ defense is good and beat up on the Giants last week. The Cardinals had eight sacks and also forced four fumbles on Sunday.

So, the only hope for Allen is that Hurts and the Eagles can get the ball out quickly, make plays consistently, and trust their defense. All in all, the matchups remaining for Allen’s team don’t look great, but anything can happen in the NFL.

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