Dak Prescott Gets Left Out of Dallas Cowboys New Offseason Hype Video, Fans Ticked

by Evan Reier

The relationship between the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott is like the relationship between the team and the fans: dramatic.

As the NFL’s largest and most-followed franchise, the Cowboys are constantly under the spotlight. Whether that’s due to sub-par play on the field or off-field drama, everything is under scrutiny.

The latest and possibly best-ever example of this is in the Cowboys’ new hype video. After a lackluster season saw Dallas finish 6-10, the franchise and fans are looking forward to 2021. One major reason being that starting QB Dak Prescott is returning to the fold.

In Week 5 of the 2020 season, Prescott suffered a terrible-looking ankle injury. His recovery continues, but there has been speculation on if Dallas would want to move on from the 27-year-old. With that context in mind, anything that implies he won’t be returning is going to blow up.

This is exactly what happened when the franchise tweeted out their hype video for the 2021 season. As seen below, the video features no clips of Prescott, which prompted concern.

Granted, it’s a 30-second clip that doesn’t feature many players prominently. But the lack of Dak caused the Cowboys pack to go in a frenzy.

“No Dak in the video is a sign. Saints and Colts, tap in…” @SmithT67 tweeted.

“Where Dak at huh? Stop the bullsh*t, you know we need him.” added @wallace_0323.

A Cowboys fan account took a jab at the team with his comment as well:

“not sure if y’all know this but there’s a quarterback on the roster who is pretty good” tweeted @CowboysStats.

However, there were also fans that disregarded the video absence as minor. @SippideeStrkVgs definitely thinks so.

“To be totally honest I’d watched it a couple of times and never noticed Dak’s absence until the blowback came I understand being meticulous But really don’t feel a snub of any kind And on the bright side… Jerry gets his marketing wish by staying in the news.”

Primarily though, fans were rallying behind Prescott and calling for the team to put respect on his name.

Dallas Cowboys Media Director Answers

Shortly after the video was posted, Derek Eagleton, Senior Director of Media & Programming for the Cowboys, posted his thoughts.

“This was simply an oversight that should have been caught and corrected by us,” Eagleton tweeted. “Anyone who’s making it seem like Cowboys’ decision makers use social media videos to make statements doesn’t understand or take the time to understand how it all works. Trust me, there’s no story here.”

While the statement of oversight makes sense, it’s still befuddling how a team couldn’t put their returning QB in a highlight video. Either way, Cowboys fans have an official answer.

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