Dak Prescott’s Brother Speaks Out About Brother’s Success As Quarterback Trades & Cuts Continue

by Kayla Zadel

Dak Prescott’s older brother is coming to his defense as the craziness of the off-season begins to commence. Dak’s brother Tad, believes this his little brother deserves the big bucks. Because you know, everything is bigger in Texas.

Tad Prescott took to Twitter to tell his brother’s team exactly how he feels. “So the guy who was never supposed to make it, is now the last one standing. Let that sink in,” Tad writes.

He also shares of screen-capture of a photo of Jared Goff from the Defy Talks Cowboys Instagram account. It reads, “With Jared Goff being sent to Detroit, every quarterback in the 2016 draft class besides Dak Prescott has been cut, traded, or benched.”

Prescott truly wasn’t expected to be a successful quarterback coming out of Mississippi State. However, he has proved critics wrong during his time with the cowboys.

Tad Prescott is sticking up for his brother, as Dak is still in the process of negotiating a new contract with the Dallas Cowboys. Maybe Tad’s tweet is targeted at the team’s owner, Jerry Jones. Perhaps he’s trying to help him realize the quarterback he has in Dak Prescott.

Dak Prescott Still Working on New Deal with Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott is still on his rookie contract, but currently trying to work on a new one the Jerry Jones. However, it seems like the two sides are having trouble meeting halfway.

Prescott’s brother has been known to be vocal on Twitter. With this recent tweet, it’s obvious that he thinks it’s time for Dallas to come to an agreement with his brother.

Dak Prescott fractured his ankle early on in the season. He immediately had surgery after the incident. The quarterback’s absence showed how much the team relies on the quarterback. Andy Dalton finished out the season for the blue-and-silver team. The Cowboys has Super Bowl hopes this year, but as soon as they lost Prescott, their season went downhill.

Prescott is currently working on rehabbing his ankle and getting ready for next season, no matter where he ends up playing. Reports in December share that he is ahead of schedule in his recovery process.

The Dallas Cowboys ended the regular season with a disappointing 6-10 record. They would finish in third in the NFC East ahead of only the Philadelphia Eagles and behind the New York Giants and Washington Football Team. The Washington Football Team went on to win the division.

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