Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Historic Florida Home Sells for $3 Million

by Madison Miller

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a phenomenon on the race track. However, he is also quite the homeowner and has a talent for restoration.

His talent for renovating homes has given him a good chunk of cash over the years too.

Key West Home Sells for $3 Million

One of the homes has now just been sold for $3 million, according to Architectural Digest. The house in question is his historic Key West, Florida property. The house was originally built during the Cvil War in 1863. So, in addition to being renovated by the racing legend, it also comes with a lot of history as well.

The house is a five-bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom, and 3,300 square feet masterpiece. It has a lot of the original architecture from 1863. The house also has one of the deepest pools in Key West.

Earnhardt also has the interior decorated to look like the inside of a pirate ship. It has nautical emblems and a beachy theme throughout. There is also a bar that features a captain wheel at the end and various other pirate ship motifs throughout.

The house still has a very classy feel to it. Many rooms have a bright and warm feeling with white walls and dark hardwood floors. The notes of blue pay homage to the nautical Key West setting.

Now someone else gets to enjoy all the amazing features at play in this Key West Home after paying up $3 million.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Past Home Renovation Projects

This isn’t Earnhardt’s first time making a highly desired home for the real estate world.

In fact, he and his wife, Amy, were the star of their very own renovation show on the DIY Network. It was called “Renovation Realities: Dale Jr. & Amy” and came out in 2018. It showcased the transformation of a neighboring Key West house they flipped. They spent $900,000 renovating the house and Amy, as the interior designer, was the leader of the project. It sold for $2.6 million in 2018.

Earnhardt has put a lot of his time in renovating homes after partially retiring from NASCAR racing.

“Amy is a fantastic designer. She has creative ideas and a strong work ethic. We love DIY projects around the house, so I expect this to be challenging but fun,” Earnhardt said about the show, according to HGTV.

Real Estate Legend

According to Work and Money, Key West isn’t the only place Earnhardt has invested in.

He also owns a house in Mooresville, North Carolina. It has the recreation of an Old West town, a NASCAR graveyard, a huge garage, and a treehouse. It is 12,000 square feet and sits on 200 acres of land.

You can see some of the highlight of this property, here.