Dale Earnhardt Jr. Paused His Honeymoon for NFL’s Kirk Cousins: Here’s Why

by Quentin Blount

NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. has always been a big fan of NFL quarterback Kirk Cousins. Earnhardt Jr. is a diehard fan of the Washington Football Team and Cousins was a quarterback there for six years, from 2012-2017.

During the quarterback’s time in Washington, Cousins made a name for himself. He was responsible for guiding the team to a 2015 postseason berth. In 2016, Cousins played under the franchise tag. Prior to the 2017 season, he tried to work out a long-term agreement with the team but it was unsuccessful.

In February of 2017, Earnhardt Jr. made his feelings known about Kirk Cousins.

“Quarterbacks don’t grow on trees,” Earnhardt Jr. said, according to The Washington Post. “You’re taking such a huge risk in the draft trying to acquire one. You look at the talented quarterbacks in the NFL and where they were drafted — not all of them were first-round picks, so it’s not about trying to get the college star. We’ve got a guy that knows the system and that has done extremely well — set franchise records, broke his own franchise record last year (in total passing yards),. Sign the damn quarterback up. Sign him up. I’m tired of waiting. Don’t even franchise tag him this season. Get him signed up.”

A month before that, Earnhardt Jr. was on his honeymoon but he had Kirk Cousins on his mind. He couldn’t resist making another comment about Washington’s quarterback situation.

“@Redskins need to finalize a deal with @KirkCousins8. Great production. Great head on his shoulders. You can build and win with the guy,” he tweeted. We knew about Earnhardt’s passion for racing, but his passion for his football team is right up there as well.

Cousins, of course, would eventually go on to sign a three-year deal to become the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Backs Washington Name Change

Growing up, Dale Earnhardt Jr. was a diehard fan of the Washington Redskins. And still today, he roots for the team now referred to as the Washington Football Team. The organization made the move to get rid of the nickname many perceive as offensive. Earnhardt Jr. doesn’t just root for the team, the famous racer eats, sleeps, and breathes Washington football.

Meanwhile, although some loyal fans were against the name change, Dale Earnhardt Jr. fully supports it.

“I’m all for it,” Earnhardt Jr. said in July. “I’m ready for this conversation to no longer be part of my experience as a fan of the team, and the debate over this and the frustration over it and how it affects the franchise. It’s a dark cloud over it all the time and it’s not going away. And it’s hard to continue to support the franchise when this is part of the conversation.”

Like many Washington fans, Earnhardt Jr. wants success for his team. Washington hasn’t had much in recent years. The team hasn’t won a Super Bowl since 1992 and has only been to the playoffs seven times since then. This year they made the playoffs with a 7-9 record by finishing first in the weak NFC East.