Dana White Praises UFC’s Response to 2020, Talks Potential Run for President

by Will Shepard

UFC president Dana White has some incredible sway in the world of sports. During the pandemic, he orchestrated his sport’s successful season. But, he isn’t satisfied with the latest praising of the NBA’s handling of the virus.

White wants more credit to his UFC team for how they dealt with Covid-19. The president of the UFC turned a dream into reality with the help of Abu Dhabi officials.

Moreover, White is taking shots at that the NBA, even though their positive test rate was exceedingly low.

“There was all this celebrating of the NBA last week. They had an 8.8% positive rate and everybody thought that was incredible. Ours [sits at] is 0.08%.”

He continues his praising of the UFC’s handling of the pandemic and returning to play. Certainly, all he is asking for is more recognition for the team that operates the UFC bubble.

“We flew 1,500 people into Fight Island, from 40 different countries around the world, and when you look at our positive rate, it’s pretty phenomenal.”

Delving Deeper Into the UFC

To achieve these numbers, it has taken an immense amount of time, energy, and money. White explains that the UFC has put over 17 million dollars into just allowing the fights to happen.

It is worth noting that the NHL, when they returned to play their season, actually had the best Covid-19 positive rate at zero results. So, even though Dana wants – and deserves more credit, the NHL should garner more as well.

Nonetheless, White says that he is fueled by the people who say he can’t do something. And to be fair, there were plenty of people saying he shouldn’t continue to have fights during the pandemic. But, he was determined to pull the feat off.

“Oh, I love the naysayers. I love the people who say you can’t,… the people who are begging for you to fail. I love that stuff. That’s what I feed off of. You tell me it can’t be done? I’m going to show you why you’re wrong.”

Consequently, he has been running the UFC almost flawlessly during Covid-19. To his credit, unlike many companies, teams, and leagues across the world, White says he has yet to lay off a single employee or slash anyone’s salary.

“Nobody got laid off. No salaries were cut. Then, when you look at the fighters, every fighter contract was honored.”

Is Dana White Going To Challenge for the Presidency?

So, credit where credit is due. But this could be leading to more from the fabled UFC president. After delving into the pandemic dealings with the UFC, White is asked if he is going to run for office.

Even though several people think that White should run for office, he doesn’t think that’s a good idea for himself. It seems he is quite content doing exactly what he does now.

“H–l no.”

But he then expounds on the year the UFC has had.

“It was definitely the toughest year of my career, but very unique and cool in a lot of different ways. I like solving problems. I like doing things people say can’t be done. So it was a challenging, good year for me.”

So, unfortunately for those who hope he runs for President, it doesn’t seem likely.