Danica Patrick Shares Stunning Backbend Pose from Latest Yoga Session

by Joe Rutland

As Danica Patrick continues to move away from her auto racing life, she’s sharing more about her own healthy lifestyle journey.

One area where Patrick stays devoted focuses on yoga. There are photos of her yoga practice that she puts up on her social media platforms.

Monday night, she managed to get a photo from her virtual yoga class where she was practicing a backbend. Take a look and see what you think about her form.

In the written part of her Instagram post, Patrick talks about focusing on your strengths. She is doing this in her own way through letting people see her life unfold far beyond driving.

It’s as if that career was a long time ago, yet it really wasn’t that long ago for her. Patrick accomplished what she could on the track. Now she’s focusing her attention on a healthy lifestyle. Also, she’s focusing on other aspects of her life.

Her podcast, “Pretty Intense,” blends together a path of success and spirituality. These are two areas where Patrick, through her guests, continues to grow and flourish herself. Among her guests are author Ryan Holiday, actor Matthew McConaughey, actress Julianne Hough, and entrepreneur Jay Shetty.

She also has been focusing on business ventures that include wine and clothes. Her own brand of wine called Somnium is made on a 24-acre vineyard near St. Helena, Calif. As for clothing, her “Warrior by Danica Patrick” brand reflects upon the Native American mythology she discovered in Arizona.

Danica Patrick Knows All Too Well About Zoom Call Issues

Much like the rest of the world, Danica Patrick had to get used to having meetings over Zoom in 2020.

That platform gained millions of users as the COVID-19 pandemic caused areas to be shut down. People had to adjust their lifestyles in many ways so they could remain as healthy as possible.

Of course, there have been issues with Zoom calls. Either they drop in the middle of a meeting or someone has a child running behind them at the most inopportune times.

Well, Zoom calls really show people from the waist up. That’s usually how it goes.

This leaves some people wondering about what other people on the call might be wearing below the waist.

Now Patrick put an Instagram post up in December about this issue in her own way.

She puts forth a bashful grin toward the camera. From the waist up, she’s rocking wavy blonde hair and a black turtleneck with a gold statement necklace. From the waist down, well, that’s information unavailable through Patrick. 

On the post, Patrick writes, “Two things in this house that are a certainty……1. Ella is always on alert. 2. You never know what is below the “business on the top” when it comes to working via zoom. Cheers to 2020!”

Let that keep people guessing for a long, long time.

H/T: DanicaPatrick.com