Daytona 500: Drivers Bring New Meaning to Fast-Food by Dining Out During NASCAR Rain Delay

by Quentin Blount

A few NASCAR drivers are giving a new meaning to fast-food while they remain in a rain delay at the Daytona 500.

Chase Briscoe, Tyler Reddick, and Ross Chastain must have been hungry or felt they needed to recharge a little while they waited for the rain to go away. The drivers left the Daytona International Speedway and made a few quick stops across the street to grab some fast food.

And all of the drivers chose a different restaurant to go to. Marissa Briscoe, Ross’ wife, tweeted a photo of her husband while still in his firesuit. They were in the drive-thru at the popular Panda Express. Briscoe retweeted his wife’s photo adding his own caption.

“Mid race @PandaExpress pit stop 😂” Briscoe wrote on Twitter.

Not long after, Reddick took to Twitter as well to post a photo of him sitting down inside of Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. It was a little bit of a shameless plug as Cheddar’s is one of Reddick’s sponsors.

“Things are starting to turn around. 😋” Reddick said alongside a picture of a Cheddar’s menu. He later adds a photo of his meal — chicken pot pie –saying it was “some much needed comfort food.”

Meanwhile, Ross Chastain followed suit. He posted a picture of him in the drive-thru at McDonald’s where he bought dinner for his entire crew.

Rain delays in ’21 👌” Chastain posted from a rainy Mickey D’s parking lot.

Daytona 500 Hit With Weather Delay

With just 15 laps complete in Sunday’s Daytona 500, the big race is currently in a delay due to weather. That explains why so many of its racers were seen at fast-food restaurants earlier instead of out on the track.

Thunderstorms were apparently forecast in the Daytona area as well as lightning. And after 15 laps, Kevin Harvick is currently in the lead.

The official Twitter account of the Daytona International Speedway gave its fans and followers an update on social media once the announcement to delay the race was made.

“Weather Alert: Thunderstorms are forecast for the Daytona International Speedway area including lightning,” they wrote. “We advise you to secure items at campsites. Please take necessary precautions. #DAYTONA500.”

The Daytona Twitter account provided another update about a half-hour later, and another an hour after that, saying that they are still holding off.

“We remain in a weather hold.” the Daytona Speedway account wrote. Please continue taking necessary precautions.”

As for NASCAR fans, they haven’t exactly been thrilled by the delay. We recently covered what some fans had to say in a recent story here on Outsider.