DeAndre Hopkins Laughs at DK Metcalf and Justin Jefferson’s Top 5 WRs Lists, Jabs at Shannon Sharpe

by Charles Craighill

Earlier today, second-year wide receiver DK Metcalf and rookie wide receiver Justin Jefferson revealed their top five receivers in the league. In both lists, the youngbloods ranked themselves above Arizona Cardinals veteran DeAndre Hopkins. Seeing the list, Hopkins clapped back at the rookies while also taking a jab at Shannon Sharpe. Hop has since removed the Tweet, but not before many fans got a good look at it.

“Can’t take nothing away from them, we all great,” DeAndre Hopkins said in his deleted Tweet. “But [ranking] me at five, he must be drinking Shannon Sharpe Yak,” Hopkins continued, including some crying emojis.

DeAndre Hopkins has a fair point to make here. Both young receivers can make a case of being top ten receivers in the league, but as first and second-year guys, they can’t beat Hopkins. Statistically speaking, Hopkins has them beat in every category except touchdowns for the regular season. I get it, you have to have confidence in yourself, but come on, show some respect.

Who’s Better than DeAndre Hopkins?

DeAndre Hopkins might not be the best in the league, but he’s certainly sitting up there. As he said, they are all great so it’s tough to give anyone the edge. Let’s take a look at the youngsters’ lists of the top five NFL receivers.

Both Jefferson and Metcalf place Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones as their number one receiver. Fair enough, Julio could be pound for pound the best wide receiver the league has seen since Calvin Johnson. Too bad he has been stuck on the Atlanta Falcons for his entire career, where he has missed the playoffs the last three seasons.

Julio Jones’ numbers don’t necessarily reflect his greatness as he typically draws 2-3 defenders each play. He also missed a good amount of the season due to a nagging foot injury. With that said, DeAndre Hopkins’ numbers beat even his.

DK Metcalf has himself ranked at the number two spot while Justin Jefferson has Davante Adams of the Green Bay Packers. Again, both great players, but tough to rank in front of DeAndre Hopkins. One could certainly make a case for Davante Adams as he leads the league in touchdowns and in average yards per game.

DK Metcalf finally puts DeAndre on the list at number three with Adams and the Buffalo Bills’ Stephon Diggs at four and five. Justin Jefferson, however, ranks himself and Metcalf at the three and four position with Hopkins in fifth. As Hopkins puts it, Jefferson must be drinking some of Shannon Sharpe’s Hennessy.