Denver Broncos TE Jake Butt Slams New Stimulus Package, Asks ‘Where Is the Accountability?’

by Madison Miller

Last night, the Senate appeared to have passed another stimulus deal. This means that Americans who need it will be getting another check to help them through tough times from the pandemic. Some people, including Denver Broncos tight end, Jake Butt, have some questions.

The question being: will it be enough?

Jake Butt Talks Stimulus Plan

For Jake Butt, the answer seems like a pretty loud and resounding no. The football player tweeted to share with his followers that the amount the stimulus would give individuals simply isn’t enough.

“We are crippling middle America and small business, while bailing out big business, who already have far to much control in our country. Where is the accountability? $600 doesn’t last 2 weeks 99% of the places in our country (assuming this is your only income),” he tweeted.

Butt finds that the problem with the stimulus deal is how the government is choosing to split the funds. The proposed plan is $900 billion. With about 330 million citizens, with children and some people not needing the money, Butt said the check could have been closer to $2,700 per person.

“So that # theoretically could’ve been higher and went to small businesses not big Corp,” Butt tweeted.

Americans Receive News on Round Two Stimulus

In a message last night, Americans were given hope that a stimulus package was very close.

“More help is on the way. Moments ago, in consultation with our committees, the four leaders of the Senate and House finalized an agreement. It would be another major rescue package for the American people … As our citizens continue battling this coronavirus pandemic this holiday season, they will not be fighting alone,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, according to The Washington Post.

The plan will give Americans up to $600 per person. This means that families would also get $600 to account for each of their children as well.

Congress also passed a deal to increase unemployment benefits with up to $300 per week.

The original stimulus package was $2 trillion and was given out in April. It accounted for about $1,200 for each adult and $500 for children. This means the new deal is about half of the last one.

Part of the problem last time was people complaining that the checks were taking too long to arrive. Many people struggle day-to-day and immediately needed help.

According to Bloomberg Wealth, the payments will start going out the week of Dec. 28. Direct deposit will arrive quickly. However, if you get yours in the mail it could take until late January to arrive.

Denver Broncos Helps Individuals

This pandemic, which is close to a year now, has lasted longer than many Americans ever expected. This is why Butt, as well as others, are stressing how important it is to help individuals and small businesses during this time.

The Denver Broncos have also been assisting during these troubling times. According to their official site, the team donated $500,000 to the Colorado COVID Relief Fund back in March.

Beyond being an advocate for small businesses and people who are struggling financially, Jake Butt also is raising money for victims of sex trafficking.

He auctioned off a pair of his cleats and was also going to match the number himself. The donation will go to Operation Underground Railroad. This organization seeks to end child trafficking and exploitation.