Eagles QB Jalen Hurts Demands Answers After ‘Dangerous’ Railing Collapse at FedEx Field

by Quentin Blount

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has penned a letter to the Washington Football Team and to the NFL after a dangerous incident occurred on Sunday.

Jalen Hurts led his team to a 20-16 victory over the Washington Football Team in Landover, Maryland. However, it was what happened directly after the game that has Hurts and others around the league searching for answers.

While Hurts was walking off of the field and into the tunnel, part of the stands collapsed. As a matter of fact, they nearly landed on the star quarterback himself. In response, Hurts has decided to write a letter to the league and to the Washington Football Team.

NFL Network Reporter Tom Pelissero reported the news on Twitter on Tuesday evening.

“I am writing to inquire about what follow-up action is being considered in response to the near-tragic incident that took place at FedEx Field on January 2, 2022,” Hurts’ letter begins. “As you are aware, many individuals, including fans, media personnel, and myself, were placed in a dangerous situation when portions of the FedEx Field tunnel collapsed. Although I was able to prevent the barrier from crashing onto me, that was not the same for others who could be suffering from lingering injuries.”

Jalen Hurts Remained Calm During the Dangerous Situation

If you have seen the video for yourself, you know just how scary of a situation it was. Although nobody was seriously injured, it most certainly could have been a lot worse. Even so, Jalen Hurts stayed even-keeled throughout the whole thing.

“Through the initial shock, my first reaction was to assist those involved,” Hurts continued. “However, while I displayed a calm composure, I understand the severity of what happened and am extremely concerned for the well-being of the fans and media. As a result, I would like to know what safeguards the NFL and the Washington Football Team are implementing to prevent this from ever occurring in the future.”

The Eagles quarterback knows that what happened on Sunday put him and fans alike in a very dangerous situation.

“The resources of the NFL and team organizations ensure our safety through playing this physical sport. But what happened on Sunday put both fans and players unnecessarily at risk long after the final whistle. I look forward to hearing from you on this matter. Sincerely, Jalen Hurts.”

For those of you at home who haven’t yet seen what happened, we’ve got you covered. Check out the video down below titled, “Jalen Hurts almost got taken out.”

“Unspeakable incident. Unacceptable. Near tragic,” ESPN’s Chris Mortensen wrote in response to the video. “Thankfully, nobody seriously injured. Also tells you more about @JalenHurts.”

The Washington Football Team did release a statement after the game on Sunday. They say that to their knowledge, everyone in the incident had the chance to seek onsite medical evaluation.