Ed Reed Drawing Criticisms for Take on Ravens Dancing on Titans’ Logo

by Thad Mitchell

Former National Football League superstar Ed Reed is getting some heat for his comments on his former team.

Reed’s old team, the Baltimore Ravens, beat the Tennessee Titans on Sunday to advance in the NFL playoffs. The Ravens won a defensive slugfest against the home team Titans by a final score of 20-13. While Reed is happy that his former team won and will now move into the second round, he is upset over a particular moment.

Late in the game, Ravens defender Marcus Peters picked off Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill to clinch the victory. Once the play was over, Ravens players began dancing and stomping on the Titans’ midfield logo.

The incident came with only two minutes remaining in the game and the Titans needing a touchdown to stay in the game. From their own 37-yard line, Tannehill drops back and attempts a pass over the middle.

The intended receiver for the Titans appears to have fallen to the turf and ball lands in Peters’ waiting hands. He return the interception to the 45-yard line, essentially icing the game and the victory for the Ravens.

Once the play ended, numerous Ravens player ran to the 50-yard line and began dancing and taunting Titans players. Many of them waved their hand in the direction of the Titans’ sideline, as if to say “goodbye.”

Ed Reed Calls Out Actions of Baltimore Ravens Players

Reed, a former All Pro, calls the actions of his former team classless.

“Love my Ravens but win with class,” he says.

Immediately after the posting, numerous Ravens fans took to social media to criticize the Hall-of-Famer. Social media users reminded Reed that earlier in the year it was the Titans mocking the Ravens after a victory.

“So it was cool when the Titans did it?” a Ravens fans asks Reed.

Some hurled insults at Reed while others simply tried to point out to him that revenge is a dish best served cold. The situation got a little out of hand, forcing Reed to “block” some of his social media followers.

H/T: Outkick.com