Evander Holyfield Praises Ex-NFL Star Brandon Marshall’s Boxing Skills: ‘He’s Intimidating’

by Matthew Wilson

Boxing legend Evander Holyfield is completely in former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall’s corner. He praised his skills in the boxing ring. With enough practice, Marshall could be a formidable opponent.

According to Holyfield, Marshall has plenty of strength but also the range that would make him a contender. The Heavyweight Division better watch out for the former NFL athlete.

“I don’t know who’s gonna get in there with him because I’m saying, he intimidating. He’s a big guy, you already know he got big arms and stuff like that. He’s got good range,” Holyfield told TMZ Sports. “Brandon, ya know, he looks good balance-wise. We weren’t really sparring but he got good balance and hey, he look like he could be a good fighter.”

Evander Holyfield Trains Brandon Marshall

So how did this potential Rocky story in the making, happen? Marshall took up boxing last year as one of his pandemic hobbies. He went down to Holyfield’s gym in Florida where Holyfield put Marshall through a boxing training routine. At 6’4 230 pounds, Marshall certainly has the physique for the sport.

He spent 12 years in the NFL, playing for various teams including the Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, and New York Giants. Marshall last appeared on the roster for the New Orleans Saints in 2018. But he didn’t play any games, and he retired from the NFL.

Holyfield believes Marshall could take on champ Deontay Wilder in a fight. That’s a good thing because Marshall recently called out all of the Heavyweight greats on social media, challenging them to a fight. Wilder and Anthony Joshua were among that list.

“[Brandon] pretty much got the same reach as the heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder,” Evander said. “He got that reach just like that but he got trunks. He got them big arms. You know he hit somebody with one of them, you know what, he ain’t got to hit ’em right. Maybe if he miss, they still may fall.”