Former NFL Star Terrelle Pryor Suffers Major Injury in Bike Wreck: ‘Luckily Still Breathing’

by Matthew Memrick

A three-wheel motorcycle crash could have been fatal for former NFL standout Terrelle Pryor Sr. on Thursday.

Pryor took to social media to post pictures and videos of his Vanderhall three-wheeler. The location of the accident was unknown.

Photos from the accident scene showed a crushed windshield, major scrapes, and dents. The bike’s essence retail cost in the electric version starts at $34,000.

TMZ Sports captured them and traded messages with the former college quarterback. The website also has a random video of him driving and shooting his hands up in the air.

On Thursday, the 32-year-old player said his ride was “flipped twice from this dumb ass car chipping me.”

“Luckily, still breathing and a scratch,” he said.

After seeing the photos online, one Terrelle Pryor fan Tweeted: “Glad he’s okay… but man what people do to each other. Can’t people just get along and share the road?”

Pryor went on to tell the website he was swearing off bikes after the incident.

The accident was another near-death experience for the football player.

Last year, reported that Pryor survived a near-fatal stabbing in an altercation with his girlfriend.

That girlfriend, 24-year-old Shalaya Briston, plunged a kitchen knife into Terrelle Pryor’s chest during a fight at a Pennsylvania home on Nov. 30.

TMZ reported that Pryor said he suffered massive blood loss and was within minutes of dying. The site said Pryor survived after an emergency operation.

Terrelle Pryor’s football story

Pryor spent parts of nine seasons in the NFL from 2011 to 2019. The Oakland Raiders took him in the third round of the 2011 draft after playing three seasons at Ohio State.

During his time in Columbus, he led the Buckeyes to a 31-4 record with Rose and Sugar Bowl wins. He’s also among the top quarterbacks at the school, with 2,164 rushing yards, good for fifth all-time among Big Ten quarterbacks.

Terrelle Pryor has joined the calls for his college team to have their team and individual records restored. Pryor and four other former Buckeyes – wide receiver DeVier Posey, defensive lineman Solomon Thomas, offensive tackle Mike Adams and running back Daniel “Boom” Herron posted a Twitter statement in July.

The NCAA has allowed its players to make money after court battles and pressure from laws in individual states.

Pryor’s college career ended in 2011 after he withdrew from school amid investigations into impermissible benefits. Those benefits included getting free tattoos. Coach Jim Tressell resigned during that time. As a result, the NCAA had imposed sanctions on the school.

Though technically he hasn’t played in two seasons after stints with nine pro teams, he has not filed retirement players with the league, according to Bleacher Report. Pryor has told TMZ previously he’s open to a comeback.