Former UFC Champ Chuck Liddell Breaks Silence After Domestic Violence Arrest

by Madison Miller

On Monday morning, Chuck Liddell was arrested for an alleged domestic violence incident.

Liddell is a retired UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. He had a total of 28 wins in the UFC and helped to bring MMA fighting into mainstream sports entertainment. Liddell is also a part of the UFC Hall of Fame.

He is one of the most known and popular fighters.

Chuck Liddell Arrest

According to ESPN, Liddell was arrested at his home in Hidden Hills, California. Police reported to an alleged incident between Liddell and his wife. He has a domestic battery charge. Liddell, however, is now claiming that certain reports of the incident are not factual.

There was a statement Liddell shared on his Instagram regarding the entire incident. He confirmed that some kind of altercation did in fact take place. He said he wanted to “clarify a few facts about the situation.”

Response to Arrest

He is claiming that he was the victim, but then “volunteered” to go to the police office instead of his wife. She apparently would have been arrested if he didn’t do so.

“The deputies informed me that my wife would be arrested as I did not respond to her assault while I sustained bruising and lacerations. I volunteered to go in her place,” Liddell said in the post.

Additionally, the entire situation went public very quickly. The news came just a few short hours after the arrest. “This was one of the many times I have tried to shield a family mental health issue from the public purview. It has become painfully apparent that this cannot continue, as our private life has now reached a public breaking point,” he said regarding the publicity of the entire situation.

Chuck Liddell didn’t spend too long in jail. He had a same-day release after posting a $20,000 bail.

While authorities and Liddell have confirmed that the altercation was physical, nothing else is currently public regarding the incident.

Liddell’s wife is Heidi Northcutt. The two have a son named Charles David Liddell Jr. as well as a daughter named Guinevere Liddell.

Luis Pena Arrest

The news regarding Chuck Liddell comes just a few days after UFC Lightweight Luis Pena’s second arrest in the past five months.

He was arrested on charges of “battery causing bodily harm and battery domestic violence,” according to ESPN. There was a $1,000 bond.

Back in June, his arrest was for robbery, battery, and criminal mischief after a fight with his girlfriend.

He has not fought in the MMA or UFC since a split decision win over Alexander Munoz in April. He’s also doesn’t have any upcoming fights.

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