Former UFC Star Accepts Offer to Fight Jake Paul: ‘You Won’t Get Out of 1 Round’

by Chris Haney

On Thursday, former Ultimate Fighting Championship star Michael Bisping responded to and accepted an offer to fight YouTube personality turned boxer Jake Paul.

While on his own Believe You Me podcast, the 41-year-old stated that Paul has been in contact with his manager. Bisping’s co-host, comedian Luis J. Gomez, said the fighter has never been in a boxing ring. Therefore, the former UFC champion turned MMA analyst has a record of 0-0, which Gomez hilariously joked makes Paul “infinitely more experienced” than he is.

Bisping amusingly agreed with Gomez saying that Paul’s 2-0 record in two exhibition matches makes him the underdog. However, the British fighter told Paul to stop playing games and that he’s all in on the fight.

“I’m almost 42-years old, I’m a former world champion and I will take you to school, my friend. And I’ll guarantee you this. You won’t get out of three rounds. That’s an absolute fact. You won’t get out of one round but we’ll say three just to give you that little insurance blanket,” Bisping explained.

Gomez joked that if Paul makes it out of the second round, it will be a “moral loss” for Bisping and his family.

“Maybe I’m just going to take my time. Maybe I’m going to do a Floyd Mayweather and just play with him,” Bisping responds. “No, but seriously though. He did reach out to my management and asked if I’d be interested. If this is a real offer, if this is serious, then let me know and I’ll do it. 100 percent. If this is a real offer from Logan Paul or Jake Paul, or both of you. I don’t care. Line ’em both up. I’ll do it no problem. If you want to put your money where your mouth is, let’s go.”

Jake Paul Knocks Out NBA Star Nate Robinson

Recently, Jake Paul has gone out of his way to call out Irish UFC superstar Conor McGregor. He continues to claim it would be the highest-earning fight in UFC history if they agreed to a fight. In fact, he’s offered McGregor $50 million to get in the ring with him. There’s been no word from McGregor, but it sounds like Paul could be moving on to his next opponent since his manager has contacted Bisping.

The internet personality most recently fought former NBA player Nate Robinson. He delivered a brutal right-handed knockout punch to Robinson, which laid him out cold in the ring and earned him his second win.

The 23-year-old’s first exhibition boxing match ended with a stoppage win over fellow YouTube sensation AnEsonGib. Paul is by no means a professional boxer, but he has been training hard for the last few years. We’ll see how he responds to Bisping’s offer since the former UFC star has officially accepted the fight.