Georgia Head Coach Kirby Smart’s F-Bomb Picked Up by Hot Mic on Live TV

by Chase Thomas

The No. 1 Georgia Bulldogs are hosting the unranked Missouri Tigers for a noon affair in Athens between the hedges. It has been a rough year for the Tigers, as the team fights to get to that magical win no. 6 to qualify for a bowl game this holiday season. The odds of Mizzou notching win no. 5 against Kirby Smart’s Georgia Bulldogs did not seem likely and the Dawgs went into the half with a comfortable lead over Mizzou.

Before the Dawgs trotted away into the tunnel for halftime, fans watching the game from their television sets were treated to Kirby Smart shouting an explicated towards his quarterback Stetson Bennett to “throw the ——- ball!”

Smart was peeved with five minutes left in the second quarter with Georgia only up 13 versus the lowly Tigers. In what was somewhat a surprise, the Dawgs went with backup quarterback Bennett again, nicknamed the Mailman, once again in this one with JT Daniels still not 100 percent ready to return. Will Bennett continue to get the starts at quarterback down the stretch for the Dawgs? Perhaps even in the SEC championship game in Atlanta vs. Alabama in a few weeks’ time? Only time will tell.

But What Happened that Enraged Kirby Smart?

So, Georgia got a penalty. The penalty was an ineligible receiver downfield, which is what prompted Smart to shout the obscenities. A wideout was lined up in the wrong position and a penalty became of it. Smart, like his mentor Nick Saban, cannot stand it when his team makes dumb penalties like this one. Georgia, like Alabama, is playing for something bigger this season.

The Bulldogs are the best team in the nation and with that comes a lot of pressure and expectations. These kinds of penalties can doom promising drives when you’re moving the ball. Every possession matters and Kirby Smart is a stickler for details. Saban is the same way. Every piece matters and every move matters. It has become uncharacteristic for Kirby Smart’s Bulldogs to make penalties like the one we saw there that enraged Smart.

Still, Smart didn’t mean for that to happen. The hot mic caught him by accident. He was standing a bit too close to the official and it led to his shouting being caught on television for the Missouri and Georgia fans watching at home.

After facing Mizzou this weekend, the Dawgs travel to Knoxville to challenge the electric offense run by the Tennessee Volunteers and Josh Heupel where the Dawgs cannot make those same kinds of mental mistakes.

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