Gisele Bundchen Celebrates Bucs’ Win in Sweet Pic with Her and Tom Brady’s Kids

by Kayla Zadel

Tom Brady has some of the best fans in the world, but none compare to his wife and kids.

Bradys’ wife, Gisele Bündchen posted a photo of her and the couple’s two children celebrating. She writes, “We are already cheering here papai! We love you! Let’s go @tombrady !! Let’s go Bucs!!!”

The three of them are wearing Tom Brady’s Buccaneers jersey. Her daughter and son are looking at each other smiling, and Gisele has her arm around the boy and one arm up in the air. She looks equally as excited.

Before the game, the supermodel shared a photo with their dogs. Gisel writes, “The cheer squad is ready over here!!! Let’s go papai! Let’s go Bucs!!!”

The two adorable pups are Lua and Onyx, and Lua – the brown and tan dog – is evidently Brady’s favorite of the bunch. Bundchen put Tampa Bay bandanas on both of the dogs. She sported her husband’s Bucs jersey.

Tom Brady Celebrates Win with Son

In addition to Brady’s family in Tampa Bay showing their support, he returns the love after the NFC Championship victory. The number 12 quarterback seeks out his first son, Jack, in the stands and gives him a big hug.

Brady asks the stadium attendant, “Can I say hi to my son?” Father and son share a special moment Number 12 says, “Love you kiddo,” and then mentions something else inaudible.

“He’s a special kid,” Tom told reporters after the game according to TMZ. “I love my family. Obviously, I love my team, and there’s just no greater feeling than to spend those moments with all of us together after a great win.”

Brady and the Tamp Bay Buccaneers bested Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in Sunday afternoon’s game. They punched their ticket to Super Bowl LV with a 31-26 win. However, this win didn’t come without some strife. Brady threw three interceptions. As a result, the Packers rallied and moved the score to 28-23.

Nonetheless, the Packers couldn’t get it done and now Brady and the Bucs are headed to the Super Bowl. This is the tenth time for the quarterback. What’s more, it’s the first time the host team has made it to the Super Bowl. Super Bowl LV is scheduled for February 7th, at 6:30 p.m. EST.

“It’s great to get another road win and now we got a home game, and who would have ever thought a home Super Bowl for us,” Tom Brady said via ESPN. “But we did it.”

He continues to praise his team, “I thought the defense was spectacular. They’ve done that all year.”