Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green Compares Basketball Critics to ‘Drug Addicts’

by Will Shepard

Draymond Green has had enough of basketball critics this year. After a tough start to the season, Green’s return has sparked the Warriors. Since his return on New Year’s Day, the Golden State Warriors’ star has helped transform the team’s defense, greatly improving it.

In fact, the Warriors are now sitting at 7-5 on the season. This is significantly better than their efforts last year. But, because he is such a polarizing star, the media tends to vilify Draymond Green. Consequently, he is sick of their antics.

As one of the best defenders in the NBA, Green bears a lot of responsibility when his team doesn’t play well. But, the responsibility for the losses seems to be attributed to him by the media. So, he has begun openly criticizing how certain media portrays him.

Even though people love the offense in the NBA, he has no problem taking a backseat role. Instead, he focuses on how he can improve his defense. In particular, NBC Sports Bay Area’s Kerith Burke asked Draymond Green if he thinks he should get more credit for his work on the floor.

He gave an exceedingly irregular answer, saying that most people don’t even understand what his play does. Green adds that people wouldn’t know how to comprehend his effort on the defensive side of the ball.

Draymond Green is Fed Up With NBA Media

“That would require people to know the game of basketball, and most people don’t. [That’s] wishful thinking, but most people will never learn the game of basketball. They think they know, but yet don’t have a clue. It is what it is.”

But he wasn’t satisfied with ending on that note. He adds that people think they can play better basketball from their couches, and he takes issue with that. He certainly implies that media members fall into this category as well.

“I enjoy being one of the not-so-many people that actually know the game. And being in that rare category of people who really know what’s going on in the game of basketball. As opposed to watching it and thinking they can dissect it because they realize who hit a shot. You know, it’s fine.”

But again, Draymond Green wasn’t finished there. He blatantly tells analysts that they should try and learn the game before commenting about his play. Moreover, he is exceptionally upset by it, as his response is full of expletives.

“Well, first off in order to learn, you have to understand what you don’t know. Most people don’t understand that they don’t know s—. They’re just f—–, and that’s just what it will be. You know, it’s like a drug addict. The first step to rehab is admitting that you’re a drug addict.”

Comparing media members and people who focus solely on analytics is brash. But, he might have a point. Draymond Green says that these people have a problem, and they need to address that problem.

“So, when you have all these internet sensations thinking they know the game of basketball, they would then have to admit they don’t know basketball. No one is going to do that, so yeah, they’re pretty much just f—–.”

Obviously, it’s a good idea to stay up to date on Draymond Green’s comments in the future. These won’t be the last comments like this.

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